Having a webinar assistant is key to making sure that your webinar runs smoothly. Very often, trying to manage too much during the webinar presentation leaves you distracted and frustrated, and can easily take away from the effectiveness of your presentation. Unfortunately, this can create a negative user experience for your attendees and they may end up leaving the webinar before your sales pitch at the end.

Why Hire a Webinar Assistant?

There are many reasons to hire a webinar assistant for your online presentation. Here are some of the benefits you get from hiring someone to assist you to present a webinar:

• Your assistant will able to resolve any technical issues that arise during the presentation. This saves you time and frustration during the presentation and allows you to focus on delivering great content.

• A webinar assistant can moderate chat and Q&A questions. Your assistant can monitor and sort questions that come in during the presentation. They can then prioritize these questions for the discussion. They can also filter out duplicate or irrelevant questions.

• A competent assistant can also help to design stunning and eye-catching visuals for your presentation. This frees up your time to concentrate on preparing high-quality content.

• You can also use your assistant to help with post-webinar tasks, like editing the recorded video, sending out follow-up emails, and preparing handouts.

With this in mind, what should you ask a potential webinar assistant before hiring? Here are 8 questions that you must ask.


Questions to Ask Potential Webinar Assistants

To make sure and hire a well-qualified webinar assistant, there are a few essential facts that you must know.


1. Have you assisted with webinars before?

This is the first and most important question to ask a potential webinar assistant. There are many parts of a webinar that require experience and expertise to make sure that everything runs smoothly.

Of course, just because a person hasn’t assisted with hosting webinars in the past doesn’t automatically make them a poor choice. However, you need to be sure of their ability to handle all aspects of assisting in the webinar.


2. What is your technical experience?

Your webinar assistant should have enough technical experience to make sure that the webinar runs smoothly from start to finish. They should be able to provide assistance to users having trouble logging on and who experience technical difficulties during the presentation.

They should also have a contingency plan in case you lose audio ability, or your screen freezes. If attendees face similar issues, your assistant should know what to do to resolve the technical issue.


3. Do you have a fast and reliable internet connection?

If you are using a remote webinar assistant, then you must make sure that they have a fast and reliable internet connection. After all, there is no point having an assistant to help resolve your technical issues if they are having their own.


4. Do you have skills in visual design?

The best webinar assistants will also have experience in visual design and be able to assist you in creating visual elements to enhance your webinar. For many webinar hosts, creating visual elements is their weak spot because they concentrate on quality content and rehearsing the presentation. So, you webinar assistant can turn dull and boring slides into colorful, engaging and eye-catching ones.

You could also use your assistant to create post-webinar handouts in the form of PDF files and eBooks.


5. Will you be available for a webinar trial run?

Many webinar presenters, especially novices, like to have a webinar trial run to make sure that everything runs smoothly. If you are planning a trail run, then it’s a good idea that your assistant is on hand to help you and assist you if there are technical issues to sort out.


6. Can you moderate CHAT AND Q&A sessions?

You should also use your webinar assistant to moderate your chat and Q&A session. Many webinar presenters invite their audience to send in questions via the chat system throughout the presentation. Your assistant can filter these questions and create a list for you in order of priority.


7. Can you manage my email list?

Managing an email list and sending follow-up emails after the webinar is a time-consuming job. So, why not ask your webinar assistant to care for this task? Follow-up emails after the webinar are important to help strengthen relationships with your customers and help boost sales.


8. Can you Edit the webinar?

Another task that you can assign your webinar assistant is to edit the recorded event after it’s finished. One of the reasons for professionally editing your webinar video is that it can be repackaged and distributed later. This requires some measure of experience to add titles, video clips, slides, and other visual elements to showcase your experience and products to the highest level possible.

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