One of the worst fears for anyone who is thinking about using webinars for content marketing is the fear that no one will turn up for it. Alternatively, maybe you already use webinars to market your product but want to grow your webinar audience. Chances are that you are already using a powerful tool, which can help to boost your webinar audience. The tool is your blog.

Of course, building a webinar audience does not happen overnight. However, if you already have a blog, you can use that as an amazing tool to drive new and existing customers to attend your next webinar.

This article looks at five different ways how you can use your blog to grow your webinar audience. As a bonus, you will also learn about one reason that webinars can boost your blog.


1. Blog about Forthcoming Webinars

One of the most obvious ways to use your blog to boost your webinar attendee is to blog about it before the event. You can start doing this as soon as you begin preparing and curating content and visuals for the webinar. There are many ways that you can do this.

Some webinar hosts use their blog posts as small teasers for what registrants can expect from the webinar. In these blog posts, you should clearly identify problems that you will address in the webinar. In your blog, you could then provide one solution to the problem and explain how webinar attendees can get more solutions.

Another way to blog about your webinar is to do this as series of question and answer posts. This can help your audience see the value of attending the webinar.


2. Use Your Guest Speaker

The most successful webinars usually have one or more guest speakers for the event. There are a number of ways that you can use guest speakers to boost your webinar attendance.

First of all, you can write an informative post on your guest speaker. In the post, you can outline his / her credentials, the topics they will cover, and the experience that they will bring to the webinar. The very fact that you will have an industry authority speak at your webinar is sometimes enough to boost attendance at your event.

You can also ask your guest speaker to use his blog to promote your webinar. This way you are able to reach a completely new audience that would not have been possible without a guest speaker.


3. Blog about Previous Webinars

One way to use your blog to help grow your webinar audience is to use previous webinar topics for your blog. A great advantage of this is that you already have a lot of content that you can use. For example, you can use some engaging slides for visual material.

Your blog post should also have a link to previous webinar recordings. Very often, when a person can see what they missed in the webinar, they may be more inclined to attend your next webinar.

Just as with writing blog posts before the webinar, you should not give away too much information in your blog post. You should write content, which is engaging enough and interesting enough that the reader will click through to your webinar recordings.


4. Give a discount to your blog followers

Let’s face it ñ we all like to receive a discount and you can offer discounts to your blog readers if they attend your webinar. One way to do this is through the use of a coupon that can be exchanged for a discount when the participant buys something in the webinar.

If you are charging attendees to attend the webinar, then regular blog readers could receive a discount.


5. Post short videos of previous webinars

You can also repackage your webinar into smaller portions and then use short videos for your blog. This can be a very effective way to boost future webinars because your blog audience can see snippets of how to use products that you offer. These short educational videos can spark an interest in future webinars that you present.

How Webinars Boost Your Blog

One of the best advantages of using your blog to grow your webinar is that it will have a reciprocal effect. This means that your webinar will actually start driving more people to your blog. When you promote your webinar through your website and social media, you will no doubt attract more people to your webinar.

When a person registers for a webinar, you should offer them something of value by directing them to exclusive content on your blog. This can be reserved for registered participants only. Then on your blog, you can direct them to recordings of previous webinars.

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