Holiday season – the time of year when people don’t seem to be waiting for an invitation to another webinar. That might be true for some industries, indeed. For others, e.g. travel, sports and outdoor activity-related businesses, summer is an “all hands on deck” season.

Customers search the Internet for holiday ideas, so webinars are a great way to reach out to them. You can both strengthen your expertize and promote your offer. From this post you will learn who should include webinars in their summer marketing plans and how to make the most of them.


Travel-related businesses

Online travel agencies or services where you can book your holiday package can greatly benefit from promoting their offer with webinars.

Invite your customers and prospects to a series of webinars about the culture and everyday life in your main destinations. Let one of your guides co-present to share their first-hand experience and answer questions during a Q&A session. You can make attendees aware of issues such as compulsory vaccinations, dress code you have to follow in some countries, access to cash machines, etc. This will let your attendees gather necessary information and be better prepared for their trip.

Writing a travel blog? Increase the traffic by preparing a series of online events on selected tourist attractions in the countries you write about. If you are based in one of them, run your webinar e.g. from a café next to a popular sight.


Outdoor activity organizers

If you are in a business that deals with organizing outdoor activities during summer holidays, many customers get in touch with you online. Make sure webinars related to what you offer are available from your website. You can also run them on a regular basis.

Teaching horse riding, sailing, surfing or swimming? Invite your audience to a webinar in which you let them take a closer look at the activity you deal with. You can discuss equipment, tell users what kind of stuff they need and what they can buy later when they are sure they really are into a sport. Perform gear tests and share your findings during webinars. You can also teach your audience theory, e.g. present the horse tack elements or discuss types of sails.

If you take your customers to rock climbing, survival camps or orientation runs, before you set off, invite them to a webinar in which you deal with the safety rules they should observe during the event.


Cultural institutions

Working at a museum as a PR specialist? Use webinars to present its offer. Run an online event for people interested in visiting your city on the details of a temporary exhibition available during summer holidays. You can also promote your permanent exhibition in a webinar about some of the most interesting exhibits.

An art gallery can host a webinar to present an artist whose works it has on display.

If you organize an annual summer event, e.g. a theatre festival, before it starts invite participants to a webinar about the key points of this year’s agenda.


Who else can benefit from summertime webinars?

Before they set off on their holiday trip, tourists need an insurance policy. That’s why summer is a perfect time for insurance companies to invite their customers to webinars. You can advise them on types of policies they should opt for and explain how to read the terms and conditions.

NGOs are often involved in summer initiatives they can support online. You can host a webinar e.g. on beach safety tips, teach your audience how to protect themselves from ticks or vipers when hiking in the mountains or discuss the rules visitors must observe in national parks. You can invite experts to co-present these online events.



Summer is an „all hands on deck” season for many businesses. If yours is among them, get the most out of webinars to promote it. You can easily reach out to your target audience, share your expertise and take the opportunity to present your offer. Holidays are round the corner so it’s high time to get down to work on your first summertime webinar. If you feel like sharing your ideas with us, please make sure you leave a comment!

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