Is your organization struggling with the cost of education and training? You’re not alone. Education costs have grown to $1.4 trillion in the U.S. alone — and still rising. Today’s educators are flocking to online solutions with great results: an average 40% reduction in costs. Our new infographic reveals the trends and leads to an inescapable conclusion. The videoconferencing revolution has begun.


You may remember your college days as a succession of classrooms and lecture halls. Today, 1 in 3 students will attend a virtual classroom in the coming academic year.

And if corporate training makes you think of a dull Powerpoint lecture in a crowded, uncomfortable training classroom, think again. Almost all HR professionals (91% of respondents) say they’re planning to increase virtual training.

Today, 99% of students have AT LEAST one mobile device, so education can take place anywhere, anytime. Already, 41% of respondents say they’ve attended school-related activities using a laptop or mobile device.

Our new infographic gives you the entire picture, with statistics to back it up.


Have you joined the videoconferencing revolution in education and training?

Posted by Agnes Jozwiak

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