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Using the Webinar Registration Form to Gain Marketing Intelligence

One of the biggest mistakes in presenting a webinar is not paying attention to the all-important registration form, which allows you the unique opportunity to gain insight into your perspective audience. This type of marketing intelligence is vital to the success of your campaign, and furthers the idea that you can increase conversions by getting to know your leads.

The registration of any webinar is really your first and best opportunity to get to know your potential audience, their demographics, interests and expectations, so that you can tailor your webinar in the proper way.


Providing Value

The best webinars are those that offer and provide value to fulfill their needs, so the audience must always come first. When you learn about attendee demographics, needs, opinions and desires, you can then use this data to plan an intelligent webinar that directly targets your specific audience.

Customizing your registration page with custom fields, you can further the success of your presentation, increase conversions within the webinar, and better connect with your audience.

For example, one of your top business goal might be to become a thought leader in your niche, but how do you achieve such a vague and long-term goal? You do so, by setting smaller short-term goals, which maybe to provide relevant, specific, and authoritative insight to your audience. In order to do so, you need to know who they are, and a properly designed registration form allows you to do just that.


Benefits Of Intelligent Registration

Ask the Right Questions

One of your greatest assets in the webinar registration form is being able to ask leads an open question. It can be anything that provides you important insight into your leads to further your marketing efforts and business success and may include:


  • Their expectations regarding the event, which allows you to better tailor your webinar to suit their needs
  • Something detailed about the topic you plan to cover
  • Topics they are interested in, for future webinar ideas
  • Problems they face in the niche, which allows you the opportunity to solve them


Whatever you ask, this allows you to get intelligent insight into your leads and potential audience. This also conveys to them that you care about their needs, thoughts, and desires.


Considerations To Ask The Right Questions

In order to ask the right questions, itís important to identify how webinars fit into your overall business goals.


Here are questions to ask yourself in regards to your goals:

  • Do I want to increase sales?
  • Are there products I need to demonstrate?
  • Is building my brand a main goal?
  • Do I want to expand my customer base?
  • Do I want to portray my expertise in my niche?


The above questions and others that target your goals can help you to identify the questions you need to ask your audience.


Learn Their Business

Another fantastic bit of data that allows you to learn about your audience is asking registrants about their business. Knowing the nature of their business can help you plan future webinars and tweak an existing one to better suit their needs.



A versatile multi-check box where leads can select options of your choice is the perfect area to obtain information about your audience, such as their hobbies, webinar topics they may be interested in or even their areas of expertise. This is another opportunity to gather intelligent data that you can use to further the success of your marketing efforts.

For example, if your webinar is about real estate, and you find that the majority of your audience is real estate agents and brokers, then you know that they are already experts in their field and so your message can be tailored in a language better suited for them than laymen. This allows the message to be more effective in its delivery without boring the audience with explanations of certain areas of topics they may not need.

Conversely, if for example, your topic is about Internet marketing and your audience is made up of newcomers to the business, you would then need to tailor your message in a much different way, since their knowledge will be limited.



Depending on your business, knowing the gender of your audience can be an important demographic. Additionally, keep in mind that this data can also be used in follow-ups and future email marketing efforts with attendees should that be of importance in your marketing campaign.


Follow Up

Providing the option for the audience to agree to receive additional information after the event offers unlimited opportunities in email marketing, connecting with your audience, and building your brand long after the webinar is over.


Growing Your Business

Keep in mind that all of the above data allows you to construct future webinars in intelligent ways to increase registration rate by tailoring content specifically for your leads. It can also be useful in tweaking your business model, creating future products, and tailoring future marketing campaigns of any sort to suit your target audience. The more you know about your customers, the more successful you can be in fulfilling their needs for the long-term.



As you can see, the opportunity gather intelligent data is plentiful when you design your registration form correctly. Donít let this important opportunity pass you by!

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