The webinar continues to be one of the most incredible tools in building your brand, promoting products, displaying expertise in your field or niche, and connecting with an audience.

A webinar or an online seminar is a wonderful way to get your business in front of an interested and highly targeted audience, but how do you engage them to sign up and keep them interested while they are there? Being vague is not the answer, instead transparency and considerable details through the use of an agenda is one of the best ways to do so.


What Is A Webinar Agenda

A webinar agenda allows you to provide detailed information about the content of your presentation with a schedule that includes time slots for particular topics. These agendas can be posted to the webinar registration page, in the invitation and even in the waiting room before the event begins.


Key Reasons to Use a Webinar Agenda


Encourage Webinar Registration And Increase Conversions

One of the best reasons to display an agenda is to encourage leads to sign up for the event. An agenda can go a long way to increasing conversions in sign up as it allows leads to get a detailed view of what they may expect.

In fact, one of the key elements of a high converting opt-in page is details about the presentation, which allows visitors to get a full understating of what they may expect, and this can go a long way in persuading them to sign up.

Conversely, it can also deter those you don’t want. Remember that targeting the right audience is key in any marketing plan, as you do not want people to attend who are not really interested in your presentation because they are not likely to convert in whatever you may have to offer during or after the webinar.


It’s Professional

A neatly organized agenda conveys professionalism, which makes your brand appear to be reputable, thoughtful and detail oriented.


Retaining An Audience

Another reason to add an agenda is ensure that those who attend the event do not leave and become annoyed, as they may want to hear a certain topic, but will have no clue when it will be discussed. The agenda takes care of this problem, by laying out exactly what topics will be covered and when.


Become Memorable

Typically, a webinar registration or opt-in page will have the title of the webinar and possibly some bullets as topics that will be discussed. However, when you go deeper and provide a full agenda, this can make your webinar more memorable to keep it in the forefront of signup’s minds. This means they are less likely to forget to show up on launch day and also builds anticipation for the event.


Mental Preparation

An agenda allows your audience to mentally prepare for the topics to be discussed. This is ideal, as it not only builds interest in your presentation but also creates anticipation and excitement for the event.

Additionally, when you provide a detailed list of scheduled topics to be discussed, then you also provide your prospective audience the opportunity to think about and prepare any questions they may have. This is very important as it not only encourages attendance in anticipation of getting answers, but also provides you the opportunity to be helpful to your audience, and this always endears people to a brand.


Engage Busy People

There are those who are so busy that they may not have the time to commit to your one and a half hour event, in fact, this can actually deter some people from signing up. However when they see an agenda, there maybe some scheduled topics that will be important enough to them so as to encourage them to show up, even if it’s only for those particular topics. Of course, you may want people to attend the entire webinar, but capturing their attention for at least a part of it is still better than them not showing up at all.


Bottom Line

You can reap the all of the above benefits by simply adding a detailed and thoughtful agenda to your registration page, invitation and the waiting room where the audience goes prior to the presentation start time. As you can see, it is well worth your time to do so.

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Posted by Agnes Jozwiak

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