In today’s busy corporate world, having a strong recognizable brand has never been as important as it is now. Companies invest a lot of time and money into developing and then marketing their brand. However, branding is just as important in your webinar room as it is in other areas of your online business profile.


What is a Webinar Room?

Webinar rooms are becoming commonplace because many businesses are operating on a global scale. Many businesses are using webinars that are held in an online virtual space, instead of the traditional seminar held in some physical facility.

Webinar rooms provide the perfect opportunity to gather a global audience to promote your brand, products or simply supply information that will engage leads and turn them into lifelong customers. Webinars can be recorded for later use or they can even be streamed live on the date of the presentation.


Why Branding is Important

Branding your webinar space should be more than just having your company’s logo in the corner of the screen. Perspective leads associate your brand with the entire customer experience.


Representing Your Brand

This, of course includes adding your logo to the virtual space. However, it should not stop there; designing the layout of the webinar space and including a color scheme that matches your brand and website, further allow you to present the webinar with your brand in mind.

Additionally, the way you connect with the audience, the value you provide and the presentation overall speaks volumes, and is yet another way to show-off your brand.

In short, branding is important because it is how your customers perceive your company. Therefore, branding will help your company stand out from your competitors and is instantly recognizable to your customers. It’s important that your brand shine through any time that you hold a webinar.


Why Brand Your Webinar Room

Fluidity Of Your Presence Across The Web

One of the main reasons for branding your webinar space is because branding goes to the heart of your company. Each time you communicate with leads or existing customers, it is important that your company’s brand be represented. This supports fluidity, as it gives your presentation the look and feel of your company’s brand, which translates to your website, social media profiles and all the places your brand is exhibited across the web.

Branding is also important because it provides focus and clarity to everyone taking part. Because your company’s brand is its DNA, it greatly influences how you and your employees act and work towards achieving your goals. Therefore, when your company’s brand is prominent, it helps everyone to focus on making the company a success.


Your customers know what to expect

Your customers will already recognize your brand and they will associate this with your company as a whole. You can provide them the complete experience when your webinar is branded and this can help to put them at ease because they know exactly what to expect from your company.


A strong brand creates referrals

When your clients and customers enjoy a great experience with your company, they will share this on social media, they will blog about it, and tell their friends. Therefore, having your company’s brand strongly represented during the webinar is another way to reinforce your message to your audience. After all, it is difficult to tell others about a brand if no one can remember it.


Promotes customer loyalty

Nothing promotes customer loyalty more than a strong brand. Therefore, rather than just having a generic, plain webinar room, make sure that it is clearly branded. Your customers will see this as a positive message and when you deliver your message in a way they expect, it strengthens your brand even more.

A branded webinar room also has an emotional appeal, which in itself promotes loyalty in customers. Generally, people feel good when they buy into a brand that the like and enjoy. The emotional connection that you develop with your customers through your brand will keep them coming back to your company.


Branding provides value

One of the most valuable assets of your company is its brand. In fact, your brand can create a value, which is worth far more than your company’s physical assets. Company branding in a virtual environment adds to the value of the brand.

However, it does even more. It also adds to the value of the webinar itself. When dealing with your customers in a branded webinar room, they are dealing with you and your employees based on their experience of your brand.

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Posted by Agnes Jozwiak

Agnes is the Brand & Communication Director at ClickMeeting.

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