As you begin planning your webinar, take time to physically write out your goals and objectives. People too often jump right into the first slide. While all information may be covered using this approach, the information appears disorganized, and the main points of the webinar are lost.

By creating objectives and communicating these to the audience, participants will understand what it is they should be learning. This helps them to notice important points throughout the webinar. This process also serves the presenter to be able to develop a well-structured plan that is easy to follow and present during a live event.


Goals vs. Objectives

Many people use the terms ‘goals’ and ‘objectives’ interchangeably, although a ‘goal’ typically refers to your long-term purpose. A goal may or may not be concrete. For example, you might have a goal for your company’s name to become known all across North America.

An ‘objective’ is a concrete achievement that can be obtained by taking specific steps. For example, your objective may be to present your company’s business plan to a minimum of 50 potential clients in at least 10 different states by December 31.

For a single webinar, choose a goal and objectives tailored for that one webinar. For a webinar series, you have more freedom as to the breadth of your goals and objectives. However, remember to choose measurable objectives that can be tracked over time, as you will need to prove that they have been accomplished.


Big Picture To Little Picture

The goals and objectives help both you and the audience see the big picture you are painting. Without making these clear to the audience at the beginning of your webinar, the participants will constantly be trying to figure out your overarching points. It is like making an argument when the other person does not know the point you are trying to argue.

With objectives to guide them, participants will pay more attention to the actual presentation. Furthermore, clarifying the objectives for your own sake helps you to develop stronger arguments and a more organized, professional presentation. Once you communicate your objectives – your big picture – to the audience, you can then delve into the details. Participants will be more interested in the details and more responsive during the Q&A session when they first understand the main points.


Choose A Topic That Complements Your Objectives

The subject of your webinar is just as important as your objectives. While your objectives are necessary for achieving your company’s goals, your topic is necessary for drawing in a large audience. Webinars are most successful when they provide useful information for participants.

Choose a ‘hot topic’ about a current trend or a problem that people want to know how to fix. Select a subject that enables you to achieve your objectives while also appealing to a wide audience. If the subject conflicts with the objectives, consider modifying one or both such that it has minimal effect on your webinar.


Leave Participants With Clear Take Aways

A primary reason to use objectives is to leave your audience with clear take aways at the end of your webinar. While you should state your objectives at the beginning of your webinar, you should also state your main points at the end of the webinar to leave the information fresh in participants’ minds.

Make every effort to deliver the objectives at the beginning in a different format from the summary points at the end so that they are not simply a repeat of the other. For example, use images, graphics and videos as much as possible. Visuals leave a stronger impression than text. Participants will walk away from your webinar with clear, interesting information, and you will walk away with your objectives met.


Bottom Line

A well-planned and well-organized webinar stands a much better chance of success no matter its goals or the topic. During the process of determining goals and objectives it can go a long way to the development of content, since the content is a way of which the goals and objectives will be met. Take your time through this crucial step of webinar creation and you will enjoy great success!

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