[Free webinar] 3 Tips to Skyrocket Your MLM Network

Do you want to build a solid MLM network? Are you looking for ways to engage your public, share knowledge and create conversations? If so, webinars can help! Here are a few tips:


1. Build solid contact lists

Webinars are powerful lead generators. A person who signs up for your webinar is interested in your product or service, and will be more likely to convert on emails you send out. Use these addresses to build your marketing lists for long-term engagement.

Avoid purchasing unverified email databases. One, they’ve probably been acquired illegally. Two, the leads are likely poor quality. The lists that you build yourself will be higher quality and more likely to convert to a sale.

A perfect tool for building your own contacts lists is the registration form. Use it to gather information about your invitees before your webinar. Every person who signs up will leave their contact info and any other info you request.


2. Be authentic and helpful

Webinars where hosts share their knowledge are among the most popular. You can share your knowledge on soft skills, like public speaking or negotiating. You can also do something more substantial, like discuss how to use a product or service (including your own). It’s easy for you to write a set of instructions. However, it’s much easier for your audience if you actually show them how to use your product or engage your service.

Desktop sharing is a great tool to show attendees how to engage with your website and buy your products. It allows you to share your screen. For example, you can log into your MLM account through the browser and show your audience how to manage and navigate the panel. You can also demonstrate how to use your online shop to purchase your products.


3. Discuss, don’t talk

Instead of speaking AT your audience, start a discussion! Use the moderated chat room to make your webinar more personal. Private chat rooms facilitate one-to-one discussions between the moderator and an attendee. This tool allows for conversations with the audience without disrupting the presentation.


Learn more in our live webinar!

These are only three of the tips we’d like to share in our upcoming webinar: Using Webinars To Skyrocket Your MLM Network: Online Networking Secrets of Today’s Sales Superstars. In this free event, our own Mikolaj Stasiak will reveal webinar best practices for attracting your target audience, generating excitement, and signing up new members on the spot.

Mikolaj Stasiak is an experienced sales professional, sales trainer, and business development executive who helps talented entrepreneurs use ClickMeeting to grow and manage their business.

Join Mikolaj’s webinar at 12:00 noon EST on Wednesday, February 28, 2018.

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