In last week’s webinar on Affiliate Marketing Techniques, Geno Prussakov shared his expertise and the best techniques to grow your affiliate marketing business. At the end of the event the audience had a chance to ask Geno questions – here are the 5 best:


1. My website is not ready yet. Can I become an affiliate?

Absolutely! There are several methods that you can use before your website is up and running, such as offline ads or emailing (either can be combined with the pay-per-call). You can also engage your audience by setting up a Facebook page for people to follow your affiliate activity. That being said, setting up a website does make things a lot of easier. Additionally, some of the affiliate program managers do require a website, to review your activity.


 2. How would you advertise a subscription product differently from a one-time-buy one?

As an affiliate, you should see which options are available for the end-consumer, and use ALL of those to engage your customer base. For example, offer a free trial of the product and, after the trial, persuade them to subscribe. This is a great way to attract a long-term customer.

You can also advertise the demo version of a product. Once the customer tests it, remind him of the features in the upgraded version, and convince him to subscribe to the full version.

Whether it’s the free trial, or the demo version, always try to market the product in the most appealing way. Be sure to present, in detail, which problems the product can solve, and why upgrading or extending the subscription will be beneficial. Make sure you also talk about its usefulness over the competition. Give your customers market information as well as a good product.


3. What should I do to convert the activity on my websites to purchases?

Most importantly, always keep your website up-to-date; people are going to move on quickly if your website does not look like it has been updated in a few months. However, if you are looking to go deeper, you should partner with thought leaders in the field.  Working with other websites, forums, blogs and influencers will allow you to reach more potential buyers. Start your affiliate program, partner up with well-known websites, and the number of your prospects will grow exponentially!


4. Is a last click attribution model outdated? Are there any better tracking options?

Last click attribution model still tracks sales, which makes it relevant. However, it’s safe to say that it is not the best method. It is important to value the process of introducing the product and influencing the end-consumer. There are many more options to explore.


5. Should I ask my affiliate manager for help if I am not able to increase my sales?

Definitely, yes! Otherwise, how would your manager know that you want to develop? Affiliates tend to fall into two big camps: those who don’t want to hear from their affiliate manager, and those who wish they’d heard more from him and gotten more guidance. The first ones might be more technologically and professionally equipped and are good on their own. However, the latter ones frequently aren’t getting the help they need – they aren’t being equipped, excited, or empowered enough. They aren’t provided with the selling techniques that the affiliate manager knows. His expertise is in the demographics and the product, so don’t be shy, ask away! If you have a targeted audience for the product, your manager is likely to help you co-create the content. He might also provide you with samples, free trials or promo codes. So, yes, do ask for help, you can only benefit from that!


Hopefully, you found this Q&A useful!

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