The Client:



The reason for using the ClickMeeting webinar platform:

Generating new leads and converting them by delivering content in an interactive and engaging way.


The benefit:

  • Promoting WiFi technology all over the world: helping people operate in the WiFi market in a successful way
  • Covering different topics in a deep way: enabling the audience to ask questions and feel engaged
  • Better customer connection: improving lead generation and keeping in contact with current customers


The background

Tanaza, a high tech company based in Milan, offers cloud-based software for setting up guest WiFi networks with social login. They strive to enable operational efficiency for System Integrators, Managed Solution Providers and IT administrators of WLANs of hotels, schools, hospitals and small businesses. The company’s mission is to build a world where any person with any device can be connected, anytime, anywhere, wirelessly.

While looking for a way to improve communication with potential and current customers, the marketing team came up with the idea of using webinars. Live online events turned out to be very helpful in making people all around the world understand the WiFi technology and its real-world applications.


The challenge

Our main audience is customers interested in learning more about the best strategies and techniques to run a successful business in the WiFi market,” says Valeria Magoni, Head of Marketing at Tanaza. Thanks to online live events, we can communicate with people from all over the world in real time, delivering engaging content and encouraging interaction.

During a live webinar, one is speaking in real time to the audience. This allows for better delivery of the company’s message and building personal relationships with participants. As a result, more people are attracted to Tanaza’s offer, and more leads are generated.

The only difficulty Tanaza had with real-time communication was due to the international scope of Tanaza’s target audience. As they work with global customers (currently offering webinars in Italian and English), they need to schedule the sessions according to the time zone of their participants.

Meeting the company’s needs

ClickMeeting’s webinar platform offers a variety of benefits for a company such as Tanaza.

It is a very intuitive and easy-to-use platform: from the moment we prepare our webinar room and invite people, to the time the webinar is over, and we analyze statistics, says Valeria Magoni.

Tanaza appreciates the webinar re-branding feature that enables them to add their logo and brand colors to the webinar room and waiting room. It is a great way to emphasize the company’s professionalism and brand coherence.

We also like very much the possibility to record our webinars and download the chat history, together with all participants’ information – adds Magoni.  The possibility to easily upload materials during live sessions, add surveys and share our screen with our audience is extremely beneficial for us, too.

The ClickMeeting platform offers multiple, easy to use features, necessary for a high-impact and successful webinar. Some of Tanaza’s favourites are a webinar timeline, which shows all webinars in an immediate, virtual way; multiuser accounts and subaccounts, as there are different presenters/organizer’s depending on the webinar; and the waiting room with agenda, very helpful in engaging the participants before webinars start.


The feedback

Audience feedback is an essential part of the communication process. Tanaza ends up with the best customer response a company can get.

Our attendees are satisfied and willing to attend further webinars, says Valeria Magoni. They also really like the platform and have no issues when using ClickMeeting. We never received any support requests; it is very intuitive.

Based on all of that, Tanaza would highly recommend the ClickMeeting webinar platform to other businesses.

We find ClickMeeting a cost-effective solution, as it gives us the possibility to host 100 participants and deliver a nice experience to our audience at a reasonable price, concludes Valeria Magoni.

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