Datera builds telephone switching systems and offers VoIP phone services for business and telemarketing.

The need to gain new affiliates and train existing affiliates prompted Datera to look for a convenient communication tool – webinars.

Customer needed:

  • A tool for comfortable communication with cooperating companies all over the country
  • A way to gain new affiliates and business partners
  • A channel for presenting a complex product to a large group of people in a short period of time
    About the Customer

Datera — a product brand of Aiton Caldwell SA in Poland — builds telephone switching systems and offers VoIP phone services for business and telemarketing. They have served the market since 2003, winning 20 important awards and building a team of 70 specialists located in the largest cities in Poland.

Their products are used by call centers, banks, enterprises, insurance companies, and debt recovery firms. Due to the complexity of their products and a variety of configuration options, they realize most sales through an affiliate network (sales agents and integrators). The affiliates act as external parties, selling and implementing Datera products to end users.

The need to gain new affiliates and train existing affiliates prompted Datera to look for a convenient communication tool.


The solution they wanted

In many cases, a webinar can replace an ordinary face-to-face meeting.” As Jarosław Łuczkiewicz, Product & Marketing Manager, explains, “When communicating through webinars, we are certain that our affiliates understand what kind of product they sell and implement. They also know how it is to be serviced. Moreover, we are sure that all our affiliates are up-to-date with the current version of the system. They understand its strengths and are ready to present them to clients.

The affiliates sell Datera products all over Poland. As a result, hosting individual in-person training seemed impractical. For a company with branches scattered around Poland, opportunities to save time and money would be welcome.

Datera opted for webinars and online meetings, and it turned out to be a reasonable choice.

Hitting the target with ClickMeeting

With cross-platform compatibility and a rich portfolio of features, ClickMeeting turned out to be tailor-made for the needs of high-tech clients such as Datera.

ClickMeeting webinar tools enable presenters to display slideshows and videos, run product demos, and share handwritten notes on the screen. Such actions make webinars more effective and help get the message across to remote trainees.

Participants can see one another and, depending on the chosen audio mode, they can hear one another, too. The event organizer can choose from 4 audio modes to manage webinar interactions and keep control of presenters and participants.

Thanks to the ClickMeeting platform, we are able to present a slideshow prepared in advance or run a live demo of the system. The management of guest privileges and chat is convenient and helps us stick to an agenda and event duration, says Jarosław Łuczkiewicz.

Positive feedback only!

ClickMeeting turned out to be an intuitive and user-friendly platform.

Datera gathers positive opinions and comments after each webinar. Every event brings them new sales agents and positive feedback from the current affiliates. Online events have an advantage over face-to-face meetings because of obvious savings on time, travel, and accommodations. It is a win-win situation for both sides of the Datera affiliate program.

We’d feared that our webinar attendees would find it difficult to join an event or that technical problems might appear, says Jarosław Łuczkiewicz. However, we haven’t encountered any of these.


ClickMeeting facilitated:

  • Presenting a complex and specialized product to a large group of participants in a short time
  • Reaching the participants in remote areas of the country
  • Effective demonstration of the advantages of joining the Datera affiliate program

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