As you know, our mission here at ClickMeeting is to provide you with a flexible, self-service webinar solution that helps you reach, engage, educate, and convert your audience. But do we actually use our tool for these purposes? How do we benefit from it in our daily operations? Read on to find out!



We believe webinars are a great content marketing tool. You can use them to build brand awareness and promote yourself as an expert in your niche. That’s why we offer our audience a series of free webinars in which we teach them how to use webinars in their own business activity.

For every business, it’s important to reach their target audience and engage them in a long-term relationship. We invite our own prospects to webinars with industry experts, such as David Maldow, CEO of Let’s Do Video, in which they learn how to grab their audience’s attention with webinars, get their message across effectively and deliver a good call to action so as to accomplish their business goal.

To make things easier for them from the very beginning, our experts, e.g. Jamie Turner, CEO of Sixty Second Marketer, teach them how to avoid the most common webinar mistakes and share the webinar best practices to help them make their brand stand out from the competition.



Webinars are an awesome tool when it comes to winning new clients and boosting sales. We also take that opportunity. Using your own solution to present its advantages and features it offers is a great way to increase your reliability and convince prospective users it’s a tool they can trust.

That’s why our Sales Team, Agata, Margaret, Mikołaj and Radek, run regular ClickMeeting webinars to present the platform to our prospects. They also invite selected prospective enterprise clients to individual online events. It’s a great opportunity for them to throw some light on the benefits such a user can get from our platform and present them all in detail. For attendees, it’s a chance of asking any question that comes to their minds in regard to the solution they consider buying.


Customer onboarding

When our prospects decide to give it a go and sign up for the free 30-day trial they don’t have to discover all the options our platform offers all on their own. They can attend a free webinar at which they get to know webinar tools and learn how to use the platform to accomplish their own goals.

During those getting-started webinars, free-trial users not only watch the presentation but also take part in a chat Q&A session after the webinar is over and get their questions answered.



Our HR Team also uses ClickMeeting on a daily basis. That’s because webinars are a great employer branding tool. They let you present your company to prospective employees, enable them to meet members of their future team and answer any questions they may have.

Webinars are also a cool recruitment tool. Not only can you reach out to candidates all over the world but you can actually run a recruitment process with webinars. Just like our HR Team did when a great candidate from Ireland appeared. They met her online via the webinar platform for a job interview. Then she was supposed to use our webinar tools to present the task she was assigned.



As you can see, when we tell our prospects and clients our webinar platform is an awesome solution they can effectively use in their business activity, it’s not talking for the sake of talking. We draw on our own experience as we use our platform on a daily basis. And we benefit from it every single day. So why don’t you try it yourself?

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Posted by Jakub Zielinski

Content Writer @ClickMeeting, Co-Founder @ Much2Kind Marketing

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