When working on this post we could hardly think of a group of entrepreneurs who are not affected by the new data protection law – the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – coming into effect in the EU.


What is GDPR?

The GDPR is the most up-to-date EU’s law related to personal data protection. It was adopted almost 2 years ago, on 27 April 2016 and it becomes enforceable from 25 May 2018. The regulation is already available and you can read it here.

Why has there been so much talk about it recently? That’s because the very regulation and the revolution it brings about has an impact on everyone – whether you are an entrepreneur, a large corporation or an individual. After all, every piece of information that lets others identify us is part of our personal data that will be specially protected as soon as the GDPR comes into effect.

Let’s make it clear. It’s not that personal data have not been protected before. They have been protected but with the GDPR the scope of both protection and the rights of data subjects will be significantly broadened.


Implications for clients

What does the GDPR mean for ClickMeeting clients? For sure, it means changes, both for our clients and for their customers, that is webinar attendees. However, the changes will be for the better and will provide users with a much better standard of comfort.


Data controller

In a situation when there is a direct business relationship between us and our clients, ClickMeeting acts as the data controller. It means that we can take independent decisions on how, why and to what an extent we can process our clients’ personal data, ensuring the maximum level of security and protection.


Data processor

As for our relations with our clients’ customers – that is, webinar attendees – we are the data processor. It means we are provided with customers’ personal data by the data controller in order to make it possible for their customers to use our service. As the data processor, we don’t take any decision on how, why and to what an extent the data will be processed. We act in line with our clients’ – the data controllers – guidelines but we ensure the same level of security and protection as when we act as data controllers ourselves. We operate on the basis of a data entrustment agreement.


How we deal with the GDPR

At ClickMeeting, the majority of solutions and new functions needed to become fully GDPR-compliant are now being implemented. We have redoubled our efforts to enable our clients to operate in compliance with the new regulations. We want to ensure they meet the obligations the GDPR imposes on them and provide them with easy-to-access functions, such as the “Privacy settings” tab, to be implemented soon.

We have appointed a Data Protection Officer who is responsible for the personal data supervision at ClickMeeting and provides the GDPR training to the team.

On our website, we are going to publish updates on the GDPR implementation at ClickMeeting. If you would like to learn how we protect our clients and end users’ data, please take a look at our Privacy Policy.

If you have questions regarding our product in terms of the GDPR-compliance, our team will be happy to help at all times. Simply email us at privacy@clickmeeting.com

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Posted by Natalia Wysocka

Natalia Wysocka is ClickMeeting's In-house Lawyer.

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  1. This piece is astounding: first we learn of a mysterious “data administrator” (the GDPR uses the term “controller”), then you imply that “data processor” doesn’t have a say as to how personal data should be processed, and finally you reference an outdated Privacy Policy – come on, you can do better than that 🙂


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