At ClickMeeting, we love our customers. One of the ways we show it is by continually improving the functionality of our product. We want to make sure your webinars are easy to host, and that your productivity climbs. Today, we’re excited to announce three important enhancements: flexible pricing, a simplified event creation process, and three cool new features. Here’s why we’re introducing these important changes and what they mean to you.

1. Scalable pricing

Today, companies large and small are adding webinars to their business strategies to reach bigger audiences. So whether you’re a multi-national corporation, medium-sized company, or solo entrepreneur, you’ll find it easy to adjust ClickMeeting to your business needs. We created our new pricing with two words in mind: flexibility and scalability — you choose the number of attendees in your webinar and the features and add-ons. Explore our new pricing page.


2. Scheduling made easy

We listened to your feedback and simplified the way you create events. No need to worry about the format — now every event you create is a webinar by default. Anytime you want, you can turn your event into an online meeting for up to 25 attendees by simply changing the audio mode in the webinar room. To revert from an online meeting to a webinar, change the audio mode again. This short video explains the details:

If you prefer to create your online meetings the old way, you still can. When scheduling your event, go to the Settings tab and scroll down to the bottom of the page. In the section labeled Room type, choose Meeting. And you’re ready to go.


3. New features for efficiency and impact

We’re also introducing three new features to make webinar hosting easier.

  • Choose a multi-user account to give coworkers account access with separate logins and passwords. This feature makes it easy to share ClickMeeting with colleagues while avoiding confusion over credentials and unexpected password changes! And it can save you a ton of money on the cost of multiple accounts.
  • Webinar archive is an extra storage space for recordings you don’t need right now but may want to retrieve quickly at any time.
  • ClickMeeting now includes video streams in HD for impressive image quality and greater impact on your webinar audience.


What to do now

If you’re already a ClickMeeting customer, check out our new pricing and consider upgrading to a new package. And if you’re not yet a customer (and you got this far) we invite you to sign up for a 30-day free trial and check out our platform!


Icing on the cake

We’ve also released our brand new website in a user-friendly format. Now it’s much more convenient to learn about the features for every step of your webinar and discover different uses for webinars.

We’re excited to hear your thoughts on these improvements. Please post your comments below.

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Posted by Agnes Jozwiak

Agnes is the Brand & Communication Director at ClickMeeting.

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