Content and technical preparation are not enough. For your webinars to be successful, you also need to reach attendees who will be inspired by them. How do you do that?

Take advantage of the opportunities offered by online promotion. With ClickMeeting’s expert advice, you’ll learn how to promote your events and take advantage of the tools you often already have!


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What is the e-book Promoting your webinar step by step?

At ClickMeeting, we not only develop our platform for webinars and online meetings. We also create our own events. They allow us to show, for example, how our tool is changing and how you can use it to perform even more effectively online.

In ClickMeeting’s marketing department, we have developed a plan to promote these events. It includes several key activities that are handled by experts in each area. In the Promoting your webinar step by step. A host guide, they share their strategy and reveal proven ways to reach the largest possible audience. But no worries! We’ve prepared the materials in such a way that anyone can get started immediately – even if they don’t have much technical or marketing knowledge.

What will you learn from the guide?

With the free e-book you will learn, among other things, how to:

  • choose webinar topics that will interest your audience,
  • automate the sending of mailings and additional materials with ClickMeeting,
  • prepare video invitations and use recordings of your events,
  • rank higher in search engines thanks to your profile page,
  • set up your first webinar advertising campaigns,
  • use recordings of live events and build your attendee base.
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Posted by Paweł Łaniewski

Paweł is the Content Expert at ClickMeeting.

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