Webinars and online courses are creating quite a buzz in both the education and marketing spheres these days. What you may not know is that businesses have a brilliant opportunity for growth and to achieve their goals through online courses and webinars.

Take a look at where online courses and webinars stand currently:

  • The global e-learning market is estimated to be at $107 billion.
  • 77% of American companies offer digital training programs for their employees.
  • 40% to 50% of total registrants attend webinars at their scheduled time.
  • Tuesdays and Wednesdays are best for hosting a webinar.
  • More than 60% of marketers are using online courses and webinars as part of their integrated content marketing strategy.

Webinars and online courses have become an integral part of content marketing strategies, so why not make good use of them to grow your business and achieve your goals?


Make way for a great business with webinars and online courses

Here are 6 ways that creating and hosting webinars and online courses can help you achieve your business goals.


1. Creates new opportunities

Growing your business starts with gaining exposure. Hosting webinars or offering online courses in your niche opens doors to new opportunities. Other key players in your niche will follow you on social media and subscribe to your channels. Along with opportunities for collaboration and connection, you can also find yourself getting invites to podcasts or guest blog posts as well. Your expertise will make your presence felt in your industry.


2. Builds brand credibility

Starting a webinar or online course with awesome content can establish you as one of the experts in your field. You can leverage this to promote and validate your products and/or services as well. However, you don’t have to go on an all-out marketing blitz as soon as you begin offering webinars or online courses. Once you have a considerable number of followers, your superb content helps to establish brand credibility and your products and services become how your audience solves their problem.


3. Expands your reach

You can check off list building from your list of business goals once you start using webinars or online courses. You can reach a lot more people using webinars and online courses than you can with traditional marketing practices. Every time you announce a webinar using social media or other digital platforms, you are actually adding to your mailing list. You can have a remarkable list of the most relevant target audience for your niche within a few months of offering webinars and online courses.


4. Creates innovative content ideas

The demand for relatable and awesome content is higher than ever, and we all know that great content takes your business places. You can find a myriad of options for blogs, e-books, videos, and infographics once you start a webinar or online course.

Invite your followers to suggest new topics for webinars, and you can have a list of fascinating ideas. Create a cheat-sheet to review what you taught in the last online course, and you have a new blog post right there! Superb content is the key to unlocking better business prospects and growth, and webinars and online courses can help you create the best content in your niche.


5. Brings in increased revenue

Webinars help you engage your customers like never before, and you get to answer their queries in real time. This helps in creating a sense of dependence on you. Use that to your advantage to promote your products and services. For instance, you can discuss the many ways budding digital designers can up their game in a webinar and offer your e-book on the same topic in the next. You can also take the ‘premium’ route where you ask your audience to subscribe to your webinars and pay for additional informative or more detailed content.


6. Generate more leads

Since webinars and online courses are great opportunities to interact with your clients, they are lead magnets. Your current audience helps in building trust for those who are new to your online courses or webinars. If you continue to provide interesting and useful content targeted at solving their problems, you will gradually be able to generate even more leads that help your business grow and expand with ease.

Webinars and online courses are efficient ways to help you achieve your business goals. If you are a small business, you will benefit a great deal from the exposure that online courses and webinars bring. If you have already established yourself as a leading brand name in your domain, webinars and online courses can aid in increasing revenue and create new opportunities for expanding your business. Introduce webinars and online courses as part of your marketing strategy to help your business make the most of the digital age.



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