In order to promote products and increase sales, any marketer needs an array of effective tools at his or her disposal. Over the last few years, webinars have become one of the best ways for promoting and demonstrating new products.

Of course, webinars are just one of the great ways to promote your product. A marketer needs to also use his or her website, blog, social media, and email campaigns for product promotion. But why are webinars just so effective at boosting sales?


Why are Webinars Perfect for Promoting Products?

Your product may be a piece of software, a service, or a physical item and webinars allow you the chance to give real-time demonstrations and answer real user’s questions on the product. This is something that you can never do with your blog or email campaign.

Webinars also give you the chance to build relationships with your customers and establish yourself an as authority in your industry.

What’s more, many of your customers will be willing to pay to watch the webinar if they know that they will get access to exclusive content, training, and educational materials by attending the webinar.

So, whether you want to promote a new product, demonstrate an existing product, or give an educational webinar on your product, here are top 10 tips to promote your product using webinars.


10 Top Ways to Promote Products Using Webinars

Read on to find out how to successfully how to conduct the perfect product promotion using a webinar.


1. Boost your audience

An effective product promotion relies on having a large audience at your webinar. However, more important than having a large audience is having the right audience. So, make sure and target the right kind of audience for your webinar. This will make it easier to promote your products because you will have a captive audience ready to buy your product.


2. Make registration easy

Registering for the webinar should be as easy as making a few clicks and leaving your email address. The registration or landing page should be clear and concise and you must outline the benefits of attending the webinar. So, make sure that every attendee knows what to expect, and then deliver high-quality content during the webinar.


3. Use a guest speaker

Having a guest speak endorse your product is a fantastic way to promote your product during a webinar. The guest speak can talk about the benefits of your product and be on hand to answer any questions that attendees may have.

The presence of a guest speaker adds weight to your authority and will ultimately lead to more sales.


4. Promote through social media

Social media has become the perfect promotional tool that you can use to boost sales before, during, and after the webinar.

During the webinar, ensure that social media sharing buttons are prominently displayed and it is easy to share content. Attendees can be encouraged to share content and you can run a live Twitter feed during your webinar presentation.


5. Discuss solutions to problems

One of the most effective ways to promote your product is to demonstrate how your product is a solution to your audience’s problems. After all, this is probably one of the main reasons why they registered to attend.

Spend time discussing the specific problems that your audience face. Then outline various ways how your product is the perfect solution to their problem. So, by the time you come to your sales pitch, your audience is already primed to opt in and buy your product or service. They should already know by this point in the webinar the specific benefits that they will get from your product.


6. Provide high-quality content

During the planning stage of your webinar, you need to organize and arrange high-quality content to present to your audience. There are 2 aspects to presenting high-quality content:

  • Delivering your material in an enthusiastic manner for maximum impact.
  • Creating stunning visuals to capture your audienceís attention. You can use colorful slides, videos, charts, and survey to emphasize the benefit of your product.


7. Give out freebies

We all love to get something for nothing and you can effectively use freebies as the perfect promotion tool. So, before the event, why not send out a PDF with educational material on the product. Or, during the online event you can offer free downloads. When your audience knows that they have received something of value from you, they are more likely to reciprocate this by buying your product.


8. Don’t hard sell

One of the biggest mistakes that you can make is to hard sell your product. Of course, sales are ultimately what you are after, however, hard-selling techniques will most likely drive your audience away. Remember that the majority of your audience signed up to be educated. If they receive something of value during the webinar, they will most likely buy your product anyway.


9. Share secrets

Sharing industry secrets with your audience will help to promote your product. So, you can offer them tips on using the product, effective strategies, and bonuses for attending. You could also offer access to exclusive content to specific areas of your website where they can receive further training.


10. Follow up with email

You should also plan to follow up all your attendees with an email after the event. You can thank them for taking the time to attend and you can provide a link to the webinar recording. For those attendees who didn’t buy your product, you could send them an email with a time-limited offer to make a purchase. This might just boost your sales a little more.

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