Can videoconferencing help your business? Is it a luxury or a “must have”? Before you make your decision, get the facts. Our new infographic delivers conclusive data about three major trends that are changing the business world — trends made possible by videoconferencing. In 2013, 61% of businesses in practically every industry used videoconferencing. Projections show that by 2015, 88% will be using it. Here’s why.


1. Telecommuting

In the U.S. alone, more than 30 million people telecommute at least part of the time. Originally, telecommuting was a convenience. Employees wanted greater flexibility in their work schedule and a sense of balance between their work life and their personal life.

Today that desire is practically universal, with 80% of employees reporting that it is important to them. And 78% say video conferencing is what makes this flexibility possible.


2. Leaner budgets

With a reported 61% of employees now dealing with local and global contacts, collaboration and productivity have become major issues for 45% of all companies. Videoconferencing facilitates collaboration without the expense and lost productivity of business travel.

But isn’t a telephone conversation just as good? An astonishing 88% of employees find it challenging to communicate with contacts in diverse cultures without the nonverbal visual cues provided by videoconferencing.


3. Mobile devices

Customers love using smartphones and tablets for webinars, meetings and one-on-one customer service. Businesses that embrace this trend are dominating new markets by offering the convenience of mobile communication.

And 20% of companies say mobile communication has boosted employee productivity by 20%, with expected increases to 36% in the next three years.


Healthier environment

And don’t forget the benefits to the world outside the walls of your business:

Less travel saves fuel. Electronic documents and screen sharing save paper (and trees.) The result? A smaller carbon footprint and a cleaner environment.

Your customers and employees will love you for that.

Benefits for Business

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