Let us for a moment imagine a scenario that is not quite unlikely: You have planned out and prepared for a webinar that will provide your prospects with a lot of useful content where market conversion is highly probable. The thing is, on the day of your webinar event, you sign in, gear up knowing that the best is yet to come, but no one else shows up to attend your event.

Perhaps you are only beginning to contemplate adding webinars to your marketing strategies, or it may be that you are already among the 92% of marketers who have declared webinars as one of the most useful tools in generating leads.

Either way, as more and more competing business organizations are finding webinars to be an effective tool in connecting with their target audience and marketing prospects, a question more pronounced than ever arises: how do you get your target audience to subscribe to your webinars?

While there may be no hard and fast rule as to what will really make your webinar click with your target audience, it might be helpful to consider the following ideas to attract more people to subscribe to your webinars:


Send out email invites that are short and sweet

Various online marketing research shows that email remains to be the top tool for promoting webinars so sending an email blast is still your best bet at reaching your target audience and encouraging them to subscribe to your event. On the other hand, research also shows that the human attention span is now down to only eight seconds.

So, that email subscription invitation you just sent? You only have eight seconds to engage your reader, so make sure your email grabs them and entices them quickly. Be creative, be precise, be interesting, and your email invitation will have a fighting chance against the 83 other emails that your audience receives on a daily averageóthat by the way, is also backed up by reliable research.


Promote your webinar through the same social networking sites used by your audience

Complement your email campaign by going social, because it is a fact of our contemporary existence that the average person is accessing her or his Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest accounts more often – and sometimes religiously – on a regular basis.

As far as, audience usage and preference is concerned, however, not all social networking sites are created equal, so channel your organizationís resources to populating your webinar promotions in platforms that are popular among your target audience.


Have well-designed subscription pages

You have heard it all too often: The age of visual marketing is upon us. Your content is good only in so far as it is visually engaging. After devoting much time and effort to getting the attention of your target audience through your email and social media blasts, do not fail them by presenting them with a blah landing page just when they have already clicked the subscribe button.

Create a well-designed subscription page – something that is visually appealing, informative, feels intuitive to manage, and laid out simply – that will encourage your audience to finish the subscription process for your webinar event.


Provide your subscribers with opt-in bonuses

Opt-in bonuses are lead magnets precisely because they appeal to an important facet of human nature – people will go for it if it gives them something useful in return. Your webinar may give them something useful in the future, or more precisely when your webinar do gets live, but giving them a reason to subscribe to your webinar will make them sign up now.

You may also design your opt-in bonus as a series – subscribers will receive, say, a chapter of an e-book or a limited trial of a product as soon as they subscribe and they will receive more upon showing up on your webinar.

You can also expand your reach to prospects by engaging your subscribers – tell them that if they want to share the freebie with anyone, all they have to do is to send a link to your subscription or landing page.


Reminders and follow ups

Always send multiple email reminders, especially, 2 days before, one day before and day of the event. Many people wait until the last minute to sign up, or may even forget they signed up to begin with.


Send a thank-you email with several options to share your content

Further increase reach to your target audience by sending a thank-you email to those who subscribed to your event and especially those who ultimately attended your webinar.

Repurpose your content by hosting a downloadable copy of your webinar to your website landing page, including the link to your recorded webinar in your thank-you email and providing your attendees with an option to share your content with others in their network, alongside an invitation to subscribe to your next webinar event.

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Posted by Agnes Jozwiak

Agnes is the Brand & Communication Director at ClickMeeting.

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