Many companies are now realizing the potential of using webinars for a variety of functions. From employee training to marketing, webinars have transformed the way we see these vital aspects of business.

The most important thing to realize when you venture off into the webinar marketing arena is that the Internet is very competitive. There are hundreds of thousands of other sites, business, and bloggers vying for your target audience’s attention in your niche. This is a simple fact that any marketer needs to realize no matter how they choose to promote their business and webinars are no different.

The key to standing out among the masses is to choose unique and captivating topics that will entice large amounts of people to your webinar. It is so easy for people to simply click off the webinar, but there are several ways to ensure you maintain interest and attendance.

Here are some tips on how to choose better and more effective topics for your webinar.


Choose a Good Title

One of the key aspects of any webinar is its title; this is what will draw people in initially to make them read the full description and sign up to attend. Without this they are not going to sign up for your webinar.

Your title will be based on your topic, which is what will decide whether people attend or not. Detailed titles draw more interest than broad ones, for example “Weight Loss Tips” versus 10 Weight Loss Tips You Never Knew, or “How To Set Up A Blog” versus “20 Easy Steps To Set Up A Blog In Less Than 1 Hour.”

The differences between these are marked, and while the first ones are vague and uninteresting, the later will surely entice more interest as the weight loss offers something new and unique and the blog set up is offering fast and easy steps.


Be Specific But a Little Bit Vague

This sounds impossible but will actually ensure you attract the right people to your webinar. You need to choose a topic that is general enough to attract a variety of people, but specific enough so they will all gain something from attending. You might need to pick a particular aspect of a general topic to ensure there are enough specific points to take home for your audience.


What Are You Most Often Asked About?

If you are running a business or are a manager, what do you find yourself talking about the most? Is it a certain product or do many employees seem to have a similar problem? What problems need to be solved in your niche that consumers can benefit from? People probably won’t sign up for a webinar if they have nothing to gain from it.

These are areas you may want to focus on for a webinar as they are obviously interesting to enough people and you could save yourself time and effort by not continually repeating yourself.


Ask Potential Attendees

If you are not sure what will make a captivating topic for a webinar, simply ask people who might attend. They are likely to know what will be interesting and attract bigger audiences. You can then combine their suggestions with your own ideas and hopefully come up with a topic that you can deliver to interested people.


Would You Attend Your Webinar?

Simple question, but if you wouldn’t attend you can’t expect others to. If you are focusing on likeminded people as attendees, you need to find topics and content that you find engaging and interesting. Chances are, you won’t be the only person who finds it interesting, and it will be much more enjoyable to make.


Is There a Point to Your Webinar?

You should choose a topic that has a clear and defined point. For example, are you trying to sell a particular product? The webinar should lead nicely into the product so it can be used to increase sales. Search the internet for buzzwords in your industry.

You can set up alerts for websites that let you know when certain topics are being discussed. If there is a particular topic that everyone is talking about in your business or industry then consider creating a webinar on that topic. Everyone is interested in it for now, so it will help increase your audience.


Assess Other Webinars

Attend webinars in your area or topic of expertise and try to work out which are the most successful ones. If someone has tried a topic and it has failed, you can identify those topics without the effort of trying it yourself. Equally, if you find a webinar with a topic that was highly successful, you may wish to consider this topic for your own webinar but adding a special twist to make it unique and your own.


Offer Value

No matter what topic you choose, the focus should always be to offer value to your audience, and not waste their time with thin on content, thick on promotion presentations. These are a big turn off, and even if the webinar is promoting a product, it is easy to highlight the value of it to your customers no matter the niche, by presenting the problem and offering the solution, in detail and with the use of the many presentation tools that webinar software has to offer.

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