12 Reasons To Offer Landline Connectivity For Your Webinar Or Meeting

Webinars and virtual meetings have quickly become the norm in how business operates online. Thousands of companies have come to appreciate the virtual meeting place, whether they are presenting a webinar to customers or meeting with clients in another country.

There are numerous ways that attendees can join a webinar or a meeting, and while it may seem a bit outdated, as many join webinars right from their computers using speakers and a microphone for audio, there are many reasons why offering a landline is a very important option to provide to your audience.


Setting Up A Landline With ClickMeeting

With ClickMeeting, the host or presenter has the option to allow attendees to join the webinar using their landline phone by dialing a toll free phone number.

The process is a simple one, where any paid account holder of ClickMeeting can enable toll-free numbers and purchase minutes so their participants can dial in. The process to determine how many minutes are needed is as simple as entering the total duration of the event in minutes and the number of participants and then purchasing the appropriate amount of minutes.

Once setup, the option to join via landline using the toll free number will appear in the invitation sent to attendees. This feature is available for participants from Canada, the United States, Poland, Russia, and the U.K.


Participants can use their landline phone’s keypad to activate various useful functions, including:

  • Fill a question request
  • Get help with the press of a button
  • Mute and unmute themselves
  • Turn music on or off


12 Reasons To Offer The Landline Option To Attendees and Presenters

While the main drawback of using a landline is the audience’s inability to see any visual elements of a presentation or meeting when they are only dialing in, a landline option may still provide many important benefits for the audience, not the least of which is allowing anyone to join an event, which in turn of course serves the presenter.


    1. Landlines allow participants to join from anywhere, even when they are not at home, or near a computer or a mobile device.
    2. Those who prefer using a landline, be it a headset or a speakerphone can dial into the webinar using a toll free number.
    3. The landline option allows participants to join in and listen, even when their computers, or mobile devices fail or cannot be accessed for whatever reason.
    4. A landline can be an ideal solution when an audience member’s laptop needs a charge but the charger is not available and the same goes for a tablet or smartphone.
    5. A corded phone will work even when there is an electrical outage; this means important meetings and presentations will never be missed due to weather or power outages.
    6. Attendees from out of state or out of the country do not have to worry about toll charges, since the call is toll free.
    7. The landline option allows the host or presenter to expand their reach to an International audience.
    8. International clients and business associates will appreciate being able to save costs on their end when they are provided with a toll free number to call into a meeting.
    9. Offering a landline option allows the presenter to reach people who may not have the traditional equipment needed for a webinar, such as speakers or microphone. Not everyone has audio on their laptop or computer, and this is especially true of the elderly population.
    10. Speaking of the elderly, statistically many are not technically savvy, they are easily intimated by technology, and offering a landline to these folks, something they are very familiar and comfortable with, especially in marketing webinars when they are your target audience prevents a company from missing out on a large portion of leads.
    11. Landlines can be used simultaneously with the ClickMeeting platform, and this is helpful when the audience member may not have the best audio equipment on their desktops, laptops, or mobile devices or when it is not working properly. Therefore, attendees get to enjoy better sound quality by dialing in for the audio, while still logging in on their devices for the visuals, very convenient.
    12. Last, and probably most important, the more options that are offered to potential attendees to join a meeting or a webinar, the more the companies hosting these events can expand their reach.


Avoiding every possible scenario that may exclude potential participants if at all possible is always good business.

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