Choosing An Ideal Topic For Your Next Webinar

The key to hosting a successful webinar is choosing an ideal topic. Why is that so? It is your topic that will determine if people are going to be interested enough to register for it. You could plan well for the webinar, create awesome content, and have everything in place to host it. But, if very few attend, or worst still, no one attends, then all that hard work will have been for nothing.

How can you choose an ideal topic for your next webinar? Here are some great ideas to make sure that your next webinar will have an engaging topic.


What does your audience want to hear?

It can be tempting to plan a webinar based on what you want to talk about. But, that doesn’t mean that your audience needs that information. So, think about what is of interest to them and plan your webinar around that.

Of course, you need to know what interests them. How can you do that?


Send out a survey

This doesn’t have to be done with the specific goal of hosting a webinar. I.e. you don’t have to say send an email saying: “I am planning to host a webinar, what do you think what is the biggest issue with.Ö” Your survey could be conducted on social media, your blog, and of course by email. You should be able to get enough information to know what concerns and issues your audience already has.


What issues does your audience already have?

You may already know the issues and problems faced by your target audience, after all, this is typically a part of any smart marketing plan.

Do a full analysis of industry problems and conecerns and you will have lots of topics to choose from. Are there questions that you have to repeatedly explain to different customers? If you already have personal contact with some customers, you could call them or email them personally and ask them what issues they face.


What is trending in your industry?

It may not always be possible to run surveys or contact customers, so another great way to choose an ideal topic is to find out what is trending. You can do this by using a service which sends you alerts on specific keywords. The most popular of these is Google Alerts, but there are many alternatives.

For example, Social Mention will scan all the social media platforms and then send alerts when topics you have specified come up. Make sure that you have specific keywords to get the best results.


These results can help you find out:

  • Changes in your industry
  • Latest news
  • New products that have been released
  • Trending news items that you could relate to your industry


What topics are others talking about?

You could see what other experts in your industry are hosting webinars on. Check out which are the most popular and use that topic. Then think about how you are able to talk about the same topic, but in a different and unique way. Or, you could also attend webinars that others are hosting to glean some information and ideas from them.


Choose a specific topic

Webinar topics that are very general and generic tend not to attract many attendees. So, the more specific you can be about your topic, then the better chance that people will want to register. Make sure that you address a specific issue and provide a specific solution to the problem. Rather than choose a topic like, “How to start a blog,” you could have a topic like, “10 ways to drive visitors to your new blog.” With the second one, you address a specific problem and offer specific solutions.


Do some SEO research

With a little SEO research, you can come up with some good keywords to incorporate in your webinar topic. This can make sure that the topic gets picked up in the search engines and ranks high. Good, related keywords can also be used on the registration page and in blogs that you use to promote your webinar.


Identify your audience

Ask yourself, who you expect to attend the webinar. This can help you to make sure that your topic will be one that is specific to the audience that you are trying to target.

You can also ask yourself these questions:

  • Does my topic grab MY attention? If you saw this topic, would you be motivated to attend?
  • Is there something of value? Your audience will come if they know that they will take away something valuable.


In conclusion

Choosing the ideal topic for your webinar is one of the most important decisions when planning to host one. The more specific your topic, then the better chance you have to attract many attendees. When you back up your topic with great delivery, your webinar will be one of true value to your customers.

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