Online teaching lets you transfer knowledge regardless of where you and your participants happen to be. It also provides an extensive set of tools to support education. However, it still happens that various situations, including stress or distraction by other users, make it difficult to pass information. Edu Mode is created with that in mind. 

Almost every teacher, lecturer, trainer, or coach has already had an opportunity to see how effective online education tools can be. On the other hand, it often turned out that students and listeners have to cope with problems completely different than those that they have already got used to in a traditional classroom or lecture hall. In a large group, it becomes more difficult to control the chaos, and for some people, having to enable their webcam in front of a large audience can be quite uncomfortable. All this makes it much more challenging to use the full potential of the platform. We listen to the voices of both groups and implement solutions to improve cooperation. One of them is Edu Mode – a setting that increases the comfort of both the tutor and the audience, resulting in better quality of the sessions.


What is Edu Mode?

During standard classes, the presenter – teacher, university lecturer, coach or trainer – sees all the attendees. The attendees, on the other hand, can see both the teacher and their colleagues. In such a scenario, controlling a group is not always easy, and it also happens that attendees – even without such an intention – get distracted by each other. It is definitely more difficult to create space, e.g. for independent work. In this respect, revolutionary changes are introduced by Edu Mode, which can be activated directly in the event room:

  • The presenter sees all attendees,
  • An attendee can only see the presenter,
  • The presenter can invite a selected person or group to respond, so that this attendee can be heard by others.

Everyone can therefore feel much more relaxed and focus fully on the material presented or the tasks at hand. At the same time, switching between modes is simple, so planning even more effective and interactive classes will be easier.

What are the benefits of Edu Mode?

Thanks to this simple solution, many problems observed by both tutors and learners participating in various types of educational activities can be eliminated.

  • Controlling chaos: In the early days of the coronavirus pandemic, there was a lot of content available online showing the chaos in online classes – attendees were speaking out of turn or sharing content that should not have been there. Edu mode allows the presenter to decide who and when to speak – even more effectively than in a traditional classroom.

  • Comfort for learners: many attendees are reluctant to participate in online learning because they don’t want to share their image or show their surroundings to others. This is especially the case for students who are concerned about inappropriate reactions from schoolmates, but it is also quite common in older age groups. The feeling of safety is crucial for successful learning. With Edu Mode, everyone can feel comfortable knowing that only the tutor is viewing the session.

  • Better control: Online education provides greater accessibility, but at the same time it is often not easy to control students’ work (e.g. during tests). Edu mode makes it much simpler. Also, it will not be necessary to use additional verification tools, that can be quite controversial – both among students and teachers.

  • Privacy and security: When meeting online, data security and attendee privacy are critical. At ClickMeeting, we’re committed to taking care of the information we collect and share. Using Edu Mode gives a much better sense of security for all attendees. It also works well in the case of recording classes, because the video shows only the tutor and possibly the people who were asked to answer.

  • Wide selection of tools within one platform: Edu Mode is another tool to facilitate the delivery of remote learning provided by ClickMeeting. With Edu Mode, instructors are able to customize their courses and develop their skills without the need for additional software.

Using Edu Mode step by step

Like other solutions we are introducing, Edu Mode is first of all simple and intuitive, so everyone will be able to use it in their work. Activating button is placed directly in the event window, so you can conveniently switch between different modes.

After switching to Edu Mode all attendees’ microphones will be muted and their camera image will be visible only to the presenter, who will therefore have an easy control over the whole group.

You can ask a selected attendee or group to answer a question, for example: then the sound will be shared.


Flexible learning management

Classes delivered through ClickMeeting can take many forms. Edu Mode works in multiple scenarios. For example, attendees can focus on their own work without the discomfort of having to share a camera image with everyone else. It is also a great improvement for lecturers, who often lack the possibility to observe the reactions of people listening to their presentations. Thanks to Edu Mode it will be possible without sharing the image with everyone. Of course, it is also a perfect solution in case of tests, exams or other forms of knowledge verification. The teacher will be able to monitor participants’ behaviour without interfering with their privacy or using additional software, which often raises serious doubts.

Remember that switching between Edu Mode and standard meeting mode is extremely easy and you can do it multiple times within one session. This will help you adjust the format of your classes to your current needs.

When should I use Edu Mode?

Edu Mode, as the name implies, is designed primarily for people who conduct various types of educational activities on ClickMeeting. Academic lecturers and teachers of all levels of schools, from elementary to high schools, will quickly appreciate its advantages. It’s also useful for tutors, language schools, independent trainers, and experts. Of course, it is entirely up to you how to use its capabilities. You can switch between standard view and Edu Mode within one block of classes to ensure optimal knowledge transfer, review and create a comfortable space for your audience to learn new skills.

Edu Mode: a quick summary

Edu Mode is another solution you can use in your online classes, courses, lectures and other situations where you share knowledge remotely. First of all, it provides a comfortable environment, allowing learners to focus on specific tasks or listening, taking care of their privacy and reducing stress. From a presenter’s perspective, it is also much easier to properly organise sessions and solve potential problems that may arise during them. The principle of Edu Mode is very simple:

  • The presenter sees all the attendees of the event,
  • Attendees can only see the presenter, but not each other, which makes it easier to focus and solves problems related to concerns about sharing one’s image, for example.
  • The presenter can ask an attendee or attendees to speak in the group,
  • Switching between Edu Mode and standard mode is simple and takes place in the event window.

Edu mode also provides increased security and privacy for users, which can be especially important when recording lessons or running tests and other forms of assessment. Discover for yourself how it can support your work and be sure to come back to us with your findings. Thanks to the feedback from our customers, ClickMeeting continues to develop and offer solutions that support effective collaboration and education in the virtual space.

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