The webinar is one business tool that has garnered the interest of a broad range of marketers, from the sole proprietor running a website to Fortune 500 companies from around the world; webinars are certainly one of the most lucrative methods to reach a target audience online.

No matter the industry of a company, webinar, or online seminars are effective, unique and can garner a mass mount of attention for your business. Although this can be a very effective technique when it is used properly, it does have special considerations as to when and if it is suitable for your particular needs.


What do webinars do?

The concept of a webinar as a business tool follows the philosophy that people come to experts for their services. The purpose of the webinar is to couch advertising in meaningful, relevant informational content that is answering a common question or solving a problem in your industry. The title will engage the audience by presenting an offering to solve a problem and the webinar itself will be focused on solving that problem while playing up the underwriting company’s services or products in relation to it.

In addition, sometimes webinars are purely educational and offer helpful content to an audience, which can go a long way to building and developing brand and endearing an audience to it. Webinars are a great way to improve the visibility of your company without seeming overly promotional. They offer value to the audience, which in turn benefits the presenter.

There are many advantages to a webinar if it is successful. First, webinars have the ability to go viral and improve your brand’s visibility that can elicit new leads and prospects in a very cost effective manner. People are also much more likely to pay attention to your content because it is informational at its core and so can elicit a profound appreciation of the audience.


What happens when the marketing tool needs to be marketed?

One of the main considerations of a webinar is that it needs an audience in order to work. For any of the wonderful things mentioned above to happen such as virality or visibility, people actually have to attend the webinar session. This means that your marketing tool needs to be marketed in some way. You may actually have to advertise your webinar if you are not a company that is known for putting them on.

This may seem like nothing more than an extra step in getting people to the final action of purchasing your product. In many cases, it is, but it does take time and a concerted effort. Those who have an influential social following, an email list, a blog following or a high level of traffic to their site will find this step easier and should definitely take advantage of webinars to further their exposure.


What do you need in order to have a successful webinar?

Perhaps your business is small without in-house capabilities to handle a search engine optimization campaign. Maybe you do not understand the intricacies of keywords, Google PageRank, and other things that you would need to know in order to become visible using traditional online and organic marketing methods.

However, you may have a personality that is gifted in dealing with and connecting with people. You may have a wealth of information for an industry based upon a new perspective on technology or a particular invention that your company has spearheaded, all of which can make for a great opportunity in creating and presenting a webinar.

People will be expecting something new when they attend your webinar. In order for it to be passed along inside of business social circles, it will need to be full of up-to-date and relevant information as well as an exciting personality that can relay that information.



Webinars may be relatively low-cost, but if you are relatively new in your industry, then you may have to prove your brand before anyone will watch what you have to say.

In order to obtain that base audience that will create virality for your presentations, it is best to do several and keep engaging people on a regular basis. Persistence and patience are key, but keep in mind it is the same in any type of online marketing endeavor.

Keep in mind that it’s always smart to mix up the topics, for example, instead of only doing product launch webinars, consider doing educational topics as well and engaging your audience with useful content. People appreciate being offered value, and brands that tend to do so stand out and form solid and long lasting relationships with their audience.

Having a hit webinar is like having a hit song in the music industry ñ if you get one, then you are off to the races, and it is important to build on that success to reap all the possible rewards that webinars can bring to your business.

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