10 Reasons to Create A Webinar Today!

If you’re unsure whether or not you should create a webinar for your business, brand, product, or skills, this is the article for you. Webinars are useful for reaching many people with very little effort.

There are apps and software programs available online that help you promote your webinar, register attendees, and even set up payments if you webinar requires that service. When conducting a webinar, you are most likely hoping to reach potential clients and customers from all around the world. The appeal of the webinar, of course, is based in this ability to be accessible worldwide because it means that your business, brand, or product can be seen and gain popularity, thus fueling the fire of success.

Still need convincing to create a webinar? Here are 10 reasons why you should:

    1. Build An Email Marketing List: When creating a webinar, attendees will have to register to sign in to view your presentation. During this registration process you can collect general information about your attendees such as their email addresses. This is great for future marketing plans because you’ll have a built in audience ready to receive your information and pass it on to their family, colleagues, and friends—thus building an even wider marketing list.


    1. Promote A Product: Let’s face it: not many people enjoy reading long articles or over hyped faceless sales pages explaining what a product does. Instead, show them and their interest will be almost immediate! A webinar is the perfect mix of video and article because it lets you explain your product with a flawless visual right there with you the entire time. It doesn’t hurt either that a webinar is better than promoting products in person because you can reach more people through the web.


    1. Connect With An Audience: Again, webinars are most useful for reaching a lot of people at one time. When you use a webinar to get your name, face, and brand out there, you have a chance to connect with your virtual audience. Show your personality through your webinar by including fun but useful props, videos, and more. It is also helpful that through a webinar you lose the tension and nervousness that comes from speaking in front of a live crowd, allowing your cool, confident, and relaxed persona to stand front and center.


    1. Build Your Brand: Your brand is the name, logo, and face you present to the world. It’s what represents your product or business and lets your clients and customers know where you are. Brands are only useful when they are built up to be strong and far-reaching so that as many people as possible can recognize them. A webinar can help this along by promoting your brand to your viewers and those who will distribute your webinar across social media accounts and blogs, building awareness and interest.


    1. Establish Your Expertise In Your Industry: You can advertise your skills and talk about them all you want, but your followers are going to want and need proof before they offer money or support of any kind to your cause, product, or business. Webinars can help establish your expertise because these useful presentations promote a sense of professionalism and experience for a company or individual. Webinars are meant to convey information in a fast, efficient way. If you can create a well put-together webinar that showcases your knowledge of your product, your field, and your brand, you can build up trust and understanding amongst your followers.


    1. Educate Your Customers in Your Niche: Do you have a product or idea that’s not widely known or understood? Are you trying to build up an industry that doesn’t have a lot of information on it already? If so, a webinar is a great way to educate your audience about your specific niche. Invite them in and explain how things work, what they can expect, how it’s done, why it’s useful, or anything you can think of to make the waters of your brand a little less murky.


    1. Teach Customers How to Use Software Products: Many people are visual learners which means they learn best when being shown how to do something rather than just having it explained to them. Radio broadcasts and articles can only verbally explain how to do something either aloud or in writing, and for some, this type of explanation makes no impression. Visual learners need to see by example; they need to see it done before they can ever hope to understand the explanation. If you have tech or software products that require a lot of steps or explaining, a webinar is a great way to turn your explanation into a visual aid.


    1. Promote Your Company or Business: Think of this type of webinar as one long, extremely informative commercial about your company or business. When using a webinar to promote, you have the space to include as much information as you want or need. Take advantage of your allotted time and the fact that your audience wants to be here and get everything out into the open. Remember that promotion relies heavily on marketing, so be sure to look into advertising strategies to make your “promotion webinar” go smoothly.


    1. Leverage and Grow Your Credibility: As previously stated, webinars establish a certain amount of professionalism. This means that the more webinars you do, the more your audience can get to know you and your business or company, as well as your product or brand. Build your credibility by creating informative webinars that are as interesting as they are useful. This is a great, quick way to build credibility and generate widespread interest in your product or company.


  1. One on One Contact With Your Customers: If you allow feedback or provide contact information in your webinar, you give the luxury of one on one contact with you to your audience. They may have specific questions and concerns that cannot be found in the FAQ section of your website, making this direct line to you extremely valuable.


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