The web conferencing revolution is well under way: millions of people are using video chat instead of phone conference calls or face-to-face meetings to deliver important business information with a national and global reach. Yet some are still unsure about the concept. If you count yourself among the skeptics, you may have your good reasons. However, if it’s one of these four big misconceptions about web conferencing, you may be missing out on a great opportunity for your business.

“My organization doesn’t need web conferencing”

Global networking is the next frontier of both small and big business. The scale at which industries are becoming a global marketplace is increasing at a rapid pace. There was a time when web conferencing used to put businesses ahead of the curve; now it simply puts them on pace with everyone else. For short conversations about simple topics, sure, a phone call will still do. But for longer meetings of more complex fare, a face-to-face meeting is the only thing that will suffice – unless you have a web conferencing platform. Often, it’s not possible to meet in person. Other times, people just prefer to collaborate remotely for reasons of time and convenience. If your organization has telecommuters, you need web conferencing!


“All web conferencing solutions are the same”

While it’s true that many web conferencing platforms offer similar features, the ease of using those features, their layout and design, and their functionality all vary from platform to platform. Every web conferencing software platform has something unique to offer. The quality and dedication of customer service for each product may also vary, and this often makes the biggest difference in getting the most out of your software. Approaching all web conferencing software as though there is no difference between them can make you miss out on the software that would have been perfect for your needs.


“Web conferencing software is too expensive”

This statement may have been true five years ago for some organizations (although that is still debatable). As web conferencing has become more mainstream, prices are now competitive and good web conferencing software can be purchased for a reasonable cost. Prices can vary depending on the software package and features, the size of your organization, and how many years your license covers. Web conferencing is not cost-prohibitive, and it never was. For companies that want to easily reach prospective clients and business partners, hold convenient company trainings, and provide customer support and product information to stakeholders, it can be a priceless communication commodity.


“I don’t have time to learn web conferencing”

When it comes to knowing how to use web conferencing software, you don’t have time not to learn. In fact, you ultimately may not have a choice in the matter. Web conferencing is becoming so commonplace that odds are, even if you personally don’t apply web conferencing solutions to your business, someone else that you work with will. You will need to learn sooner or later, and the sooner you do it, the more use you will get out of that knowledge. There is a learning curve with each new software and skill, but it’s one that has already been overcome by some of the least tech-savvy people in business. If they can learn it, so can you.

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Posted by Agnes Jozwiak

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