In our last free webinar Zac Johnson, the founder and CEO of MoneyReign Inc., talked about affiliate marketing and its benefits. Zac shared some tips on how to get started with the affiliate marketing, gain more leads, monetize on webinars, and many more. He’s a real deal in this field, no wonder then that a lot of questions arose in the Q&A part. As it was truly fascinating and informative, we’ve decided to share it with you. Enjoy!


1. How many webinars in a month should I host to promote one product or service?

To maximize the sales, you can host 1-2 live webinars every week, targeting various audiences. Whatever frequency of hosting webinars suits you, remember to run them at different times, so that your prospects have something to choose from, and more of them can show up. Also, after the event, provide those who didn’t show up with a feedback form, asking what time would be more suitable for them. Using this information, you can schedule your webinars for more accessible times, and increase the number of attendees.


2. What are the best sales methods for items over $1,000?

It’s quite simple – find the solutions to the biggest problems. The amount of information available online is overwhelming, so focus on a particular thing, and make it your field of expertise. No matter what it is you’re promoting, just start with people learning about it. Guide your attendees step-by-step through the product or service, and show them ready-made ways of using it.


3. What are the best practices for a landing page?

Remember to create a good call-to-action headline and a short description of the webinar objectives with an agenda. Make it more attractive by adding a video invitation. Create a mix of content that will make the audience feel connected to you, it will encourage more sign-ups.


4. How to build the webinar presentation to make it more attractive for the audience?

When it comes to slides, use white background and your branding. Make it simple. The best templates share a common feature: the clarity. Use headlines to introduce the topic and visuals to present what you mean. Basically, make the audience focused on what you’re saying rather than make them read it.


5. How to make my webinar more engaging?

Think of a webinar as of a commercial – short (around 30 minutes) and distinctive. Focus on the visuals rather than the text as it can distract the attendees. Start by summarizing your expertise – let the audience know why are you doing this, and what they can learn from you. Make the content relatable, showing a problem that people might have and present solutions at the end. Just don’t try selling hard the product as it repeals the attendees. You will succeed only when they trust you and feel the need to buy the product.

As you can see, these tips are useful not only for affiliates, but for everyone who wants to sell with webinars. If there’s still something that you would like to know, feel free to leave your comment below, and we will get back to you shortly.

And of course we will be continuing with our free webinars, so you will have another chance to participate in an event with one of the field’s real-deals. Stay tuned!

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