Why Big Companies Use Webinars To Increase Brand Awareness


You’re a big company looking to increase your sales and profit. Your product is sound, reasonably priced, and useful. The only obstacle standing in the way of your company? Lack of brand awareness among the general public. However, there is a way to increase your brand awareness quickly and easily in order to benefit your business. It isn’t rocket science, either. Rather, it’s webinars. 

That’s right. There are many benefits for big companies when it comes to using webinars. They are readily available to a large population of people, cost a minimal amount to operate, and are very appealing to the general public for varying reasons.

With so many positives, and so few disadvantages, why wouldn’t your company utilize a webinar? Well, the truth is there are no good reasons not to, which is why so many companies take full advantage of this unique marketing technique to increase and develop their brand awareness.

How Webinars Increase Brand Awareness


The primary advantage of using webinars is this ‘get ready for it’ – they are accessible to everyone! That’s right, almost anyone with an internet connection can sign up for yours.

There are widespread potential areas of influence across the world that these webinars might possibly reach out and touch. Your product could simultaneously be discussed in Ontario and Chile. With no added cost! This is one of the major reasons for the webinar’s growing popularity among corporations.

The intention is to increase brand awareness, correct? Well, what better way to increase awareness than to spread it through a virtual world with an audience of billions worldwide?

Cost Effectiveness

The cost of creating a webinar is relatively low. There are various platforms which are available for businesses to utilize, none of which are incredibly pricy. Putting together a presentation might require the man (or woman) power of one or more hired guns.

Running the show itself might even require a couple of additional hands. However, compared to the amount of increased awareness one’s product will gain from a well-attended webinar, the benefits definitely outweigh the costs.

In fact, this type of marketing has proven so lucrative that many large companies actually create a sub-section in their marketing department specifically for this medium.


Webinars are easy for business leaders, true. However, it is important to realize that they are also highly appealing to those attending. Partially because of the ease of attendance.

Webinars are generally free, and they can be attended from home. In today’s society, where one rarely will dress in pants except to work and maybe to attend their niece’s birthday party, it is incredibly appealing that knowledge can be obtained online sitting on the same couch used to binge on Netflix. So, webinars are not only easy to put together, but, they are very easy to attend as well.

Additionally, businesses only really have to execute one live webinar per topic as long as they record it. Studies reveal that up to 300% more people are likely to attend a recorded webinar than a live one. This not only reduces the cost of the presentation, but it enables a business to continue utilizing the course on their websites and blogs for an indefinite amount of time.


Those who sign up for or attend your webinar already have shown an interest in your company or yourself. This provides an initial engagement or a foundation for a relationship, which can be built upon. This is lead engagement at its best, because they are primed and pre-sold for whatever topic the webinar will address.

Ideally, by utilizing the webinar system, companies can turn interested persons into longtime customers. And when somebody is proud of a new purchase, life-change, or toy what do they enjoy doing most? That’s correct, they enjoy showing it off and telling all their friends and family.

Through word of mouth, customers who have attended a webinar all become potential free sources of advertisement themselves. This can only lead to increased brand awareness for your company, as well as, profits for current and future product launches.

It is also advisable to create informational types of webinars that are made to only serve your target audience base, this can go a long way to building relationships by establishing your company as an entity that cares and offers value.

Bottom Line

There are really no cons to launching a webinar. As opposed to other forms of marketing, it is very cost effective and provides one of the best venues to showcase a product, engage a target audience of customers or to simply spread the word about your brand.

Before launching a webinar it is important to choose a reputable and efficient webinar service provider, such as ClickMeeting. It is critical that all aspects of the presentation run smoothly and that you get a variety of features to choose from to make sure the presentation is perfect.