Sure, setting up a videoconference takes some effort at the beginning. You have to learn how to set it up, how the software works, and get used to communicating over a webcam. But once you get the hang of it, videoconferencing has the potential to make your work life much more productive.

As a hypothetical example, Julie works from home twice a week. However, if there’s a meeting on one of those days, she has to rearrange her schedule to attend. This takes time out of her work-from-home day that could have been spent getting things done. If she uses videoconferencing, she can sit down at her home office, attend the meeting, then continue her workday right away.

Or take Alex, who typically has multiple meetings in a day. He has to travel from meeting to meeting, leaving him little time to prepare beforehand or take a breather. If he uses videoconferencing even for just one of his meetings, he can have more time to complete other tasks and take a break to keep his sanity in check – which of course is key to productivity.

As demonstrated in these examples, videoconferencing can be a lifesaver and a time saver. We’ve listed below some of the specific ways that videoconferencing can make employees more productive.


Meetings Start and End On Time

Very little time tends to be wasted in an online meeting. There’s something about having a meeting via a computer that makes people more efficient. Having a meeting on a videoconference makes it less likely that people will waste time talking about things not related to the meeting, and more likely that it will start and end on time. When meetings don’t last longer than they need to, you can get on with your day sooner.


Perfect for On-call Meetings

The efficiency of online meetings means that you can schedule them more easily on the fly than in-person meetings. Video conferencing is perfect for times when you need to meet with one or more people for a brief period of time to discuss a project and share documents. No need to have everyone get up from their desks – simply call the meeting and have them load up the software. Emergency meetings happen, but videoconferencing can limit how much they interrupt the regularly scheduled workday.


Better Decision-Making and Collaboration

Never again be left in a lurch without the right materials needed for your meeting. With all meeting participants on their computer, they can easily load up files and e-mails that need to be shared with the group. This feature of videoconferencing makes it easier to collaborate and share ideas about a project. Enhanced collaboration and access to documentation leads to better decision-making.


Online Meetings Reduce Stress

Traffic is one of the modern world’s biggest sources of stress. Trying to get from point A to point B for a meeting in bad traffic can result in lateness, which further adds to anxiety. With videoconferencing, these scenarios are avoided. Whether you’re attending a meeting from a coffee shop or your home office, it gives you peace of mind to be able to meet from wherever you are at the present moment.


Working From Your Place of Choice Improves Focus

Even though meetings are planned to optimize focus, that doesn’t always happen. Distractions in the form of side conversations, suboptimal room temperatures, and general feelings of restlessness are side effects of in-person meetings. When you attend a meeting virtually from the place of your choice, you control your surroundings. You can set up your workspace in a way that optimizes your ability to focus and engage in the meeting. Online meetings improve focus because you can feel more comfortable in a space of your own choosing.

How has videoconferencing made you more productive? Share your story in the comments.

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