For university students, finding balance between classes, jobs, social life, and planning for a career is the norm. Finding ways to save time and be more efficient in their work is a priority – like accessing library resources from the Web instead of going to the library, and scheduling classes on the same day that are located on the same side of campus. Work smarter, not harder, is the mantra of the college student.

Universities have caught on to how students’ schedules are structured. To accommodate their needs and help them get the most out of their college experience, universities offer services intended to make their lives easier. These include technologies that students can use to streamline their studying and assignment work. Many universities, including the Ivies, are making videoconferencing available to students for group projects, student activities, and personal use. Full support is available through the schools’ IT departments, and the software can be used from their dorm rooms or in computer labs on campus.


Group Projects Simplified

Group projects are an inevitable part of college life (and work life, so it’s good training for career). It can be a drag when you get stuck with all the work, but other times it can be genuinely enjoyable to collaborate and get creative with others. With videoconferencing, equal work for equal grades is more likely to happen. Getting to an online meeting is easier than getting to an on-site location, and if sessions need to be rescheduled it’s most convenient to do so virtually. Record the sessions for easy reference and to document your progress – and who’s putting in their fair share of effort.


Peer-to-Peer Studying in PJs

Two heads are better than one when it comes to studying – and keeping each other awake to do so. As good of an idea as group studying is, sometimes plans can get derailed. Someone’s running late because they’re trying to get out the door, or it’s raining, or sometimes the idea of having to leave the dorm room is too daunting. This is where videoconferencing can save the day. By providing a platform where students can easily meet and share documents, more studying can get done without the usual barriers getting in the way.


Room-Service Tutoring

Some people are incredibly smart and excel at their field of study, and these people make us jealous. But they’re also a great resource for the rest of us, and if they’re generous, they offer up their knowledge to others in peer tutoring sessions. Most campuses offer these services for free, and provide a space for the tutoring to occur, like at the library or a designated tutoring center. These services are valuabe, but are also a time commitment. More students might take advantage of these services – and more smarties might be willing to volunteer – if they could do a quick 20-30 minute session on a webinar platform.


Increased Impact in Student Organizations

Being involved with a student organization is a must for competitive students who want to boost their resume credentials. It’s one thing to be a member of a group, but it’s another to actually contribute and accomplish goals. With classes, work, and other priorities, making time for one or two key student organizations can be a time crunch. Videoconferencing opens up opportunities to be more involved and get more done in student groups. Squeeze in attending an Amnesty International planning meeting for a fundraiser or helping draft a proposal for a campus musical group without sacrificing social life or grades.


Study Abroad, Stay in Touch

Traveling is the dream, and many students are able to fulfill that dream by participating in a study abroad program. A summer in France or a semester in Italy gives a new worldview and may even offer international work experience with an internship. Not to mention, it’s fun and creates memories that last a lifetime. When study abroad students get back to campus the semester after their jet-setting, it’s common for them to feel detached and a little lost after reeling in their foreign experience. Using a web conferencing platform to stay in touch with friends while abroad can make the transition back to normal life that much easier.

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