Web and graphic designers are artistic types who also have a flair for technology. They work on computers with software to create gorgeous renditions of business logos, company landing pages, and other visually stimulating content that works to put their clients on the map.

No matter how talented a designer is, there’s one thing they aren’t: psychic. When they start working with a new client, a designer might have an idea of what kind of website or logo design would work for a client. But that could be vastly different from what the client actually wants. Until they meet with the client to discuss their objectives and goals, a designer can’t start doing what they do best.

Online meetings are a quick and easy way for web and graphic designers to communicate with clients and others involved in a custom publishing project. Through videoconferencing software, designers can ensure that their clients will be happy with the results.


Achieve Mutual Understanding

When working on a project with a client, everyone should be on the same page. If you’re not, that’s what starts arguments, leads to disappointment, and ultimately can ruin an otherwise good relationship. Hold an initial online meeting to keep everything crystal clear – from the pricing to the deadline to the details of the design. Use this opportunity to get the instructions you need to do the job right.


Check in Regularly

Throughout the project, you’ll likely have questions for the client, and vice versa. You can easily call a quick online meeting to check in and get approval and feedback on design ideas, and anything else you might need to communicate to your client.


Share Mock-Ups and Concepts

The screen-sharing feature of videoconferencing software allows designers to share some mock-ups and templates for the website or art they’re creating. No more dropping your schedule to catch up in person. Share and discuss your designs with your clients with ease and convenience.


Keep Your Workflow Moving

Since you don’t have to meet clients for in-person meetings, that means more time you can spend on actually getting the designs completed. The convenience of being able to meet efficiently over the Web lets your workflow continue at a steady pace without too much interruption to deal with business matters.


Gain Long-Term Clients

Your clients will appreciate that it’s so easy to reach you via videoconferencing. Working with clients through online meetings demonstrates your commitment to open, clear communication. What client doesn’t love that? Videoconferencing can open up possibilities for long-term client relationships by providing a convenient and effective way to do business.

For tech-savvy fields like web and graphic design, videoconferencing is an ideal solution to make the most of your time. It takes hours to produce a high-quality website or graphic image, so the more of it you can save for your production work, the more productive you’ll be overall. Some clients may not be familiar with how to do videoconferencing, but that’s OK – you can show them fairly easily. The fact that you taught them a new skill will be just one more reason for them to work with you again!

Are you a design professional who uses videoconferencing software to meet with clients? Share your story in the comments.

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