Today we present a few key facts about the huge success of the virtual classroom concept introduced in Malaysia some time ago. It may eliminate your hesitancy to accept a teaching opportunity abroad — and the challenges that come with it. We believe you will be convinced of the value your students can gain by using videoconferencing tools.


Learning Despite Borders

Today’s evolving technology enables us to reach the remotest locations, instantly delivering our message to a wide variety of people.


Students around the globe — of any age and gender, attending prestigious, well-known universities or rural prep schools — can enjoy the experience of multi-cultural collaboration, with just one click.


Opportunities for Development and Personal Growth

Thanks to videoconferencing tools, students in rural locations have a greater opportunity to connect and communicate in real-time across countries and cultures.


Interactive translated chat can deliver immediate performance feedback, to help younger students build higher self-esteem.

And to boost confidence, there’s nothing like performing in front of a camera to an unknown audience!


Maximizing Potential Impact

Virtual classrooms are a proven way to inspire and motivate students to aspire to shared outcomes and push them outside their comfort zones.Despite rural isolation, students can now attend cultural events “live online” with peers in their own age group.


It encourages bonding and imparts a sense of admiration for other cultures, even when racism exists in small, isolated communities.


If you seek further knowledge and guidance in this matter, we recommend Anne Mirtschin’s blog, where she describes her long teaching career and e-journey with Generation Y.


And of course, we’re here if you need help!





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