There are dozens of unique reasons an individual company might have for acquiring and using videoconferencing platforms. Universally in the business world, there is a need to reach employees and clients remotely and collaborate in a virtual space that is easy, convenient and reliable. Perhaps you’ve been thinking about taking the plunge and starting to use videoconferencing. If you still need some convincing, here are seven reasons for any company or organization to start right now.


Save Time

Take the pain away from meeting planning. With videoconferencing platforms, you can start a meeting with a few mouse clicks. There’s no need to drive across town to meet a client, book a conference room, or rearrange your schedule to have a meeting. It’s easier to “get” to a virtual meeting, and when the meeting is over everyone can quickly get back to their usual work schedule.


Save Money

Virtual meetings are one of the most cost-effective methods of communication for business purposes. Videoconferencing platforms are affordable, as a large number of businesses are using them to some degree, keeping costs down. Every meeting also has a lower overhead cost. Virtual meetings don’t require buying refreshments for attendees or buying plane tickets to work with a client in another city. Money is also saved by saving time: Employees can use time not spent traveling to work on projects.


Save the Planet

Go green by using videoconferencing to reduce your carbon footprint. The waste left behind by every in-person meeting adds up, from plates, utensils and food used for refreshments and the gas used to travel. A meeting that takes place via a webconference uses 1/100th of the energy as a face-to-face meeting where people need to take a plane flight to meet together. By using videoconferencing, you’ll be a leader in social responsibility.


Collaborate Better

While face-to-face meetings are still more effective and preferred, virtual meetings are almost as good. Videoconferencing allows people to see one another as if in the same room, share documents, and have more effective discussions than a mere phone call. Employees and clients appreciate the option to meet from their current location, putting them in a good mood conducive to collaborative work.


Connect Remotely

No matter where an employee or client may physically be at any given time, they can attend a meeting via a virtual conference. They might be at home on their desktop PC, on the road on their 4G-enabled iPad, or at a café on their laptop. The reality of today’s working world is that people may need to be outside the office to do business. With videoconferencing, attending important meetings doesn’t get in the way of daily responsibilities.


Connect Easily

There’s no rocket science to holding a virtual meeting. Anyone can do it and virtually every type of business has used videoconferencing to meet. Videoconferencing platforms are as easy as setting up a phone conference, and can be set up to work for your specific needs.


Make Quick Decisions

While no one likes to be called into a last-minute meeting, it’s sometimes essential to get the job done. Where videconferencing plays a role here is convenience. People still have to drop what they’re doing to attend the meeting, but videoconferencing tends to speed up meetings by being easy stopped and started on an online platform. Web conferencing is conducive to quick, no-nonsense decision-making types of meetings that can be wrapped up within minutes.

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Posted by Agnes Jozwiak

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