In modern times we upload resumes to the various online employment sites, we post job search updates on various social media platforms to spread the word, we head to LinkedIn to find openings in our respective industries and we search through the many online job sites that have various listings from offerings across countless companies.

Human Resource departments, and headhunters alike, inherently benefit from this vast pool of platforms and sources of new employees as it offers a lot more choice than the classified ads ever did. However, webinars should not be overlooked as way to engage and reach a vast selection of eager employment seekers.


How Webinars Benefit Recruitment

First, webinars have a global reach and can attract thousands of job searchers without the need for travel. This can be especially useful in industries that are looking to recruit professionals for specialized and high-end positions, and for headhunters who search worldwide for the ideal candidate.

Second, a webinar can target the ideal prospective employee pool. It’s all about choosing the right webinar title and targeting the right candidates on the above mentioned platforms with your invitations.

Third, webinars allow your company to actually show instead of tell what is has to offer prospective employees. Since the webinar presentation is highly visual, the use of video, images, and voice can tie in all the company has to offer. The interactive elements of the event ensure that all questions from the audience get answered.

Fourth is the vast pool of college graduates that enters the job market each and every graduation season in all professions. Recruiters and HR departments should host regular webinar job fairs that can be recorded and published on their websites for access on an ongoing basis.


Other Ways Webinars Serve Recruitment

Some companies have also began to provide webinars that focus on educating both job seekers and recruiters in human resources. Here are some examples of topics covered in these webinars:

  • Acing the Job Interview 101
  • How First Impressions Can Make or Break The Hiring Process
  • List of Questions to Ask During A Job Interview
  • The 10 No No’s of a Successful Job Interview
  • What Should I Wear to My Interview?
  • The Interviewer Has a Bad Attitude, What Should I Do?
  • 5 Critical Questions to Ask Any Prospective Employers

And for employers:

  • How to Figure Out the ROI of Recruiting New Hires
  • How the Attitude of Prospective Employees During the Interview Will Impact Their Ongoing Employment
  • 5 Critical Questions to Ask Any Prospective Employee
  • Going Beyond Education and Credentials in the Interview
  • Corporate Recruiting Skills for Optimal Success
  • How to Detect if a job Candidate Has the Proper People Skills.



If you haven’t done so already, start thinking about integrating webinars into your recruitment routine. You will soon experience an increased interest from the job seekers.

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Posted by Agnes Jozwiak

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