If you’re not getting the registration numbers that you want for your webinars, placing an ad on Facebook may be your next step. Facebook is the largest social media website that makes reaching millions of people easier than ever. Facebook users log in, on average, about 13 times per day. With 829 million active users, just imagine the impact a Facebook ad can have on your webinar attendance. The world can be your stage.

You’re probably a Facebook user yourself, and have seen thousands of ads pop up on the sidebar and in your newsfeed. Odds are, you’ve ignored a great majority of them. Some of them, though, caught your eye for one reason or another. This is the type of ad that you want to create to make marketing through Facebook worth your while. You especially want to work at attracting new clients. Did you know that the majority of attendees at most webinars are repeat customers? That means that much of your marketing is not effective at getting new business. Facebook can make that change seemingly overnight.


Follow Facebook Ad Best Practices

A good Facebook ad makes clicking on it irresistible. No matter how great your webinar is, if the ad doesn’t sell it, then nothing will. To attract attention, use colors that pop and shine on the Facebook platform. Go easy on the blue and white – the colors Facebook uses for its own branding. Place an image of yourself (or the speaker, if not you) on the ad that resonates with your audience – stand confidently, use good lighting, and dress to impress (which may vary depending on your audience!). You can also use other interesting and eye-catching images – get creative, but don’t go too crazy. For the ad copy, use your limited space to communicate your value. Facebook has a “20% rule” that no more than one-fifth of the ad can be text, so get creative in getting to the point.


Test Your Ads

Facebook’s Ad Manager lets you test out what your ads look like to make sure they look exactly as you expected. Explore options for different aspects of the image like color, expression and eye contact (if the webinar host is pictured), and borders. Check your text and try out various ways of phrasing your message, as well as font size and style, to see what looks best with the image. Play around with different options until you get the look you want.


Target Facebook Ads to Your Audience

Facebook’s powerful algorithms make it possible to target the exact type of person that you want to attend your webinar. This feature is the top reason why Facebook ads work great for webinars. You’ll have access to lots of information about Facebook users, which will help you find your target market. Target users by location, age, gender, interest, and more. There’s even behavior targeting, which lets you direct your ads to people who have specific online habits, like using certain apps or making purchases online.


Rotate Your Ads

Because people spend so much time on Facebook, they’ll probably see your ad more than once. What you want to avoid is having this happen one too many times. To make sure your ad doesn’t become redundant, use Facebook’s tools to track your ad frequency and see how many people are clicking on it. If the numbers get too high, you can change up the ads that appear on Facebook from your account. Consider making multiple ads for the same webinar that put your business in different contexts and target different audiences.


Nothing to Lose

OK, there something to lose – what you spend on the ads – but you’re already spending some money on advertising. Whether it’s working for you or not, you could always to better. Facebook is arguably the most powerful marketing platform there is, at least in terms of people reached. That’s a pretty good indicator of return on investment. You can always take down the ads if you find it’s not working for you. Keep Facebook in mind next time you’re feeling frustrated with advertising your webinar. It may be what you need to see your business take off!

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Posted by Agnes Jozwiak

Agnes is the Brand & Communication Director at ClickMeeting.

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