Tips for Videoconferencing while Traveling

Between delayed flights, long waits in the security lines, and time changes, traveling for work can be a big stress, even if it’s to a beautiful destination. There’s a lot to pull together when you’re going out of town for any length of time, and when important calls with clients are on the line, there’s even more to think about.

Videoconferencing is always there for you to get your meetings in virtually with contacts back home when you can’t be there in person. As with anything involving travel, it does require some foresight to make sure that you’re ready to take all your virtual calls. Here’s your checklist for what you need to videoconference like a boss while traveling for work.


Install your videoconference software on every device

Don’t be caught off guard when one of your devices runs out of charge or some other technical difficulty gets in the way. It’s better to have many options as backups. Download your video conferencing software on your desktop and for mobile, too.


Bring the electrical plug adapters you need

There are many different types of electrical plugs throughout the world. It’s not something you normally have to think about, but knowing which type you will be using where you are traveling will make you all the more prepared for your videoconference while away. Bring the appropriate adapter as shown in this list. These can be ordered easily on


Know where you can get Internet connection

Most developed countries have Internet readily available, but it will still save time to know where exactly you can stop to connect online (besides your hotel room). Check the listings of cafes and restaurants near where you’ll be staying so that you have somewhere planned to pop into for a quick online meeting if needed. This step is especially key if you’re staying in a country where Internet is not as readily available or reliable.


Develop a routine for sleeping and eating

Jetlag can be a productivity killer, and it’s natural to need a day or so to adjust to the time zone of your travel destination. Once you’re there, be sure to get enough sleep every night, and stick to a daily schedule to help you adjust faster. Also, it’s tempting to eat whatever you want when you’re traveling. But keeping your cravings in check and maintaining a healthy diet will improve your travel experience and make you videoconference-ready.


Start packing and preparing early

Make your packing list, and check it twice. There’s nothing worse than arriving at your destination and realizing you forgot something. Begin thinking about what you’ll need for your travels about a week in advance. That gives you enough time to buy anything you might not already have. Then, start packing gradually 2-3 days before you leave. After you’re packed, double-check your inventory for a worry-free flight.


Take extras of crucial equipment

Things have a tendency to get lost more often than usual when you’re traveling. Small but important items like dongles and adapters can get left behind in hotel rooms, slip out of bags, or just disappear into a black hole. Bring backups of anything you absolutely couldn’t live without, such as device chargers, headsets, and plugs.

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