Top Fields for Finding Telecommuting Jobs

Working from home lends itself to a lot of convenience (flexible work schedule, work/life balance) and stress reduction (no commute, distance from office politics). Not all jobs can be transformed into a telecommuting opportunity, however. Many positions require that employees be present to work face-to-face with clients, stakeholders, colleagues, and business partners.

Some fields, however, are well-suited for a work-at-home arrangement and are seeing an upshot in postings for telecommuting opportunities. These jobs require little more than a basic office setup with a computer and printer, along with software required to get the work done. If you know you want to work from home, try breaking into one of these fields to get the best shot at your goal. If you’re already in one of them, feel encouraged to look for telecommuting openings, because they’re out there!


Software and Web Programming

Demand is high for software and web programmers, and companies are noting that one of the best perks they can offer these highly valued employees is the ability to work from home. Since by nature the work is done in front of a computer, and large programming projects can lead to long hours, it’s easy to see how this arrangement would make sense for both employers and employees. The minimum required for these positions is typically a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a similar discipline.


Transcription and Translation

Fast typers and those skilled with language will find ample job postings in transcription and translation work. Transcription involves typing down recorded or (less often) live speech, such as court proceedings and verbal notes. With the right connections, this type of work can offer steady pay. Translation is the written conversion of text from one language to another. There is particular demand for translation work as businesses and publishers seek to expand into new global markets.



Journalists, copywriters, and editors will find a plethora of long and short-term freelancing gigs on sites like and In the world of writing, the market is saturated and many writers will work for peanuts. As such, there is tough competition for prestigious, well-paid positions – which, unless you’re set with a cushy full-time gig, may best be approached in the online market. The best openings will be swept up by people with a lot of experience, but if you’re willing to start small and work your way up, you can do it quickly by marketing yourself and knowing your worth.



Most accounting work can be done from the comfort of your kitchen or living room. Duties might range from running payroll for small businesses to preparing taxes for large corporations. There are a wide variety of accounting jobs available, and many don’t require you to be a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). A bachelor’s or even an associate’s degree with some experience can make you eligible for many positions.


Virtual Assistants

Those with experience as secretaries, executive assistants, or otherwise running the show behind the scenes might considering applying their skills virtually. Virtual assistants will likely never be bored, as they will always be faced with new tasks and challenges. This field is not for the faint of heart: virtual assistants should be willing to step in when needed to get the job done. Responsibilities general include light bookkeeping, scheduling appointments, Internet marketing, and data entry.

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