If you’re a newcomer to the world of an online business owner, you are learning a lot each day, and probably have both excitement and apprehension about growing your new business swirling about in your mind. You may even think that adding webinars to your marketing plan is an activity for the future. However, being new positions you perfectly to benefit and profit both quickly and vastly.

Still skeptical? Read on to learn about just how valuable doing webinars can be to grow your new business online.


Generate Leads

A vital step for growing an online business at any level is to generate leads and form a list of customers, clients, or subscribers. In order to make a difference in people’s lives with your product or services, you need to find them and then keep an updated database so you can send them content and promotions for your business in the future.

A marketing email list is well worth the time to grow and nurture, as it will be one of your biggest assets in your online business.

Webinars are a great way to generate interest, and attract qualified, eager leads for your list. People don’t even need to have bought anything from you yet, they just need to sign up for the webinar. Once you have them interested and on your list, you can entice them with future promotions for your products, or as an affiliate for others.


Introduce Yourself, Your Services, And Make An Impression

Because a webinar is a live event held online, you have the opportunity to get in front of large groups of people at one time. You can use this method to introduce yourself, your company, and what you offer in a way that is quite engaging and meaningful. You can also do demonstrations of your service or products, which is impactful and can make a great impression on your future customers to see something innovative, helpful, or interesting in action.

A webinar is your chance to stand out, so make sure you’re delivering what your target audience is looking for. Whether it is education, entertainment, or solving a problem for them, a webinar is a great format to use to differentiate yourself from competitors and make a memorable and lasting impression.


Increase Sales

Webinars are live, dynamic, and engaging so they provide an exciting setting that sweeps people up in the moment. When done well, they provide potential customers with great information, for free. By giving them something first, you ingrain loyalty into them as a customer. They will be much more likely to be repeat buyers, and eagerly await your next new offer or product to come to market.

You can also interact with the audience through questions and answers at the end of a webinar, and meet and overcome any questions or objections. These two things, questions and objections, which can be left unaddressed in other forms of marketing, can be answered on the spot while the customer is warm and interested, decreasing the likelihood they’ll decide not to buy, or to wait until later. This makes webinars very effective in increasing sales.


Cost Effective and Repeatable

If you’re just getting started in your new online business, you’re probably looking for marketing solutions that are cost effective, effective, and repeatable. Webinars offer all these things wrapped into one. You can get a membership to a webinar hosting platform for a small monthly cost, and integrate it with other list tools or CRMs you’re using for your business. This way you can invite people to webinars, track sign-ups, host the webinar, and even generate and post replay links and track sales. And then you can do it again.


Attract Potential Partnerships

Affiliate marketers often like to invite people on their lists to webinars for a share in the profits of anyone who buys. Cultivating affiliate relationships is a great way to spread the word about your webinar to get more sign-ups, leads, and increase sales.

Being new, it might be tempting to take any promotion you come upon, but be true to your vision, your audience, and your message by speaking and working with only those who affiliates who have audiences aligned well with your company and services or products. That said, don’t limit yourself too much at first either. If you and the affiliate feel there’s a fit in the audience even if it isn’t obvious, that doesn’t mean it’s a bad idea. It might just be brilliant.

As you’re working with people, start listening and learn who the big players are in your industry. As you grow a list, you can invite them to co-host webinars with you to share their ideas and offers with your customers. Big joint venture opportunities and partnerships can come from such exposure.

Webinars are a great marketing tactic, particularly when you’re starting out in a new online business. They can generate leads, increase sales, and open doors for you and your company. So if you’re wondering when the time to do a webinar is, the time is now.

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Posted by Agnes Jozwiak

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