Engaging leads is a vital aspect of the sales funnel and webinars may just be one of the most effective tools that realtors can utilize effectively to satisfy their business goals. Engaging leads is all about keeping your target market informed. Those in the know within the real estate business knows that at a certain point in the marketing process, the target market is just not yet ready to take a step further and purchase. Especially in the real estate business where decisions often come rather slowly and achieving the best possible end result is always an important consideration, keeping leads informed and interested in your business is almost a requirement to convert them into buyers.


It’s all about trust

Buying real estate properties is of course far from being a decision made on a whim. Considering the amount of investment and the obvious immovability of real estate as a property, the decision to buy is made with paramount thought and caution. Oftentimes, buying a real estate property is a decision that is based on high levels of trust in a certain company that a buyerís dream for the perfect real estate will be turned into a reality.

That trust of course is something that is built over the course of time when prospective buyers are still on the lookout for the best realtor. In this vein, it is important for real estate businesses to ensure that they are able to reach out to their leads, keep them informed and nurture them to help them step closer to making the decision to go for it and purchase.

This is the best time to engage leads by providing them with informative content so that they know that your company suits their needs and that they can trust you to deliver on your promise of making their dreams into a reality.


Doing it live begets trust

Webinars are the best tool to provide information and keep your leads engaged. Unlike flyers, podcasts, blogging and other such tools available, webinars mimic personal interactions in that your audience can see you and talk to you directly during your webinar.

By presenting information through a live audiovisual presentation done in real time, with plenty of room for your audience to clarify points or raise questions to your presenter, you provide your leads an opportunity to access your company as their own personal real estate consultant.

It doesnít take a relationship expert to know that trust often evolves from a series of personal interactions. By doing a series of live webinars that informs your leads and establishes your company as an expert in your field, you are able to win the trust of your leads and enable their conversion into active buyers.


Provide useful and relevant content

When engaging leads is your primary objective, ask yourself this question:

Am I projecting myself just as an expert or am I an expert who provides useful and relevant information? Your answer to this question may just be the measure of your success in engaging your leads.

Keep in mind that at this point your target market is looking for valuable information that will guide them in making a decision to purchase services and products from you. You need to show that you are reliable and trusted in your field.



By showing them that you know your way around the industry and your brand is the right fit for them.

You may produce a series of how-to webinars to discuss common issues that your leads face, for example how to choose or sell property, how to choose the right financing options, and so on and so forth depending on the common industry questions faced by your target market.

You may also choose to present webinars that tackle industry-wide issues or real estate trends that your audience may find useful as they are researching and preparing to make their choice.


Create a story and pitch it to your leads

Hard-sell pitches just wonít cut it at this time; remember that your leads are still not ready to make a buying decision just as yet. This is why using webinars to communicate your message and make your audience gain more knowledge about your brand requires storytelling, meaning you create a believable story about your brand and your expertise so that your audience will listen and connect with you.

Make your webinar a venue to create a story by stating the common issues or questions they face, providing helpful information that is useful and relevant to them, and then gliding through a presentation of how your product or service will make things easier or more convenient to them. Careful storytelling in your informational webinar will allow you the venue to engage your leads and help you achieve your real estate business goals.

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