Personal financial planning (and related keywords like a financial advisor, financial planning, and financial plan) make up over 220,000 searches on Google, proving that this niche is very attractive to a large audience.


Successfully selling your knowledge on in-demand topics like bitcoin requires you to use the right tools and the right techniques.

Coordinating students, building a reputable brand, and reinvesting into your company are all necessary tasks that help increase profit from your personal financial planning business.

Most personal financial planning teachers rely on knowledge alone to attract, build, and maintain an audience. However, with a plethora of free or cheap financial resources available to them on the Internet, prospects need a little something extra from their courses in order to justify the expense.

Besides traditional marketing, here are some powerful ways to teach or create pieces of training for personal financial planning that will help you stand out from the crowd.


Use webinars to share and sell know-how

Sell a specific product, service, or skill through digital classes. Benefits from this technique include:

  • Saving money on location fees
  • Removing the cap on class sizes
  • The ability to share extra teaching tools like virtual whiteboards, increasing the value of the course
  • Opening admission to students from all over the world
  • Full control over course branding
  • Automated tools for follow-ups and scheduling the replace the work of a virtual assistant
  • The option to ask for and receive survey feedback from students in order to continuously improve.


Show expertise to generate leads

Even if you plan to sell your knowledge through other digital avenues, financial planning webinars are a great way to prove your expertise to new prospects. In addition to other resume credentials, digital courses help you go above and beyond your competition. For example, these valuable resources can be shared for free on landing pages to drive more top of funnel action.

Or their replay capabilities can serve as excellent tools for students who need to review the lesson. And for those that missed today’s class, they can easily catch back up with an auto-generated link sent directly to their inbox afterwards.


Integrate lessons with your CRM

Make business contacts through classes with webinars that connect student information directly to Salesforce or your other favorite CRMs. Being able to automatically capture, log, and organize this info saves you the labour of manual entry. It also helps you keep tabs on returning business.


Train a large number of attendees at once

The more attendees you have the more likely you’ll be able to convert higher numbers of happy customers. Maximize the ROI of your business efforts with help from teaching tools like webinars by offering your class to a larger audience.

Your classes can open up to people who don’t have the capability or means of travelling to physical locations to experience your teaching.

You’ll increase profit and reach with this one simple adjustment.


Share valuable tools during lessons

If your course subject centers around investing, it’s important to help demonstrate what students are learning with a real-life example. Webinars help teachers share desktop screens for several hours at a time without interruption. This is especially useful for teachers who are interested in sharing information like stock market numbers in real time.


Improve personal branding

Regardless of how you choose to present your teachings, it’s important for personal finance gurus to present a consistent image. There is a lot of competition within the financial planning sphere and the biggest challenge buyers in the market face are the trust factor. They need specific indicators and experiences to not only draw them in but get them to invest fully.

Having a more cohesive brand builds trust across all industries. Keeping your lectures, emails, notifications, digital course materials, and other pertinent materials within the same presentation style or look goes a long way towards adding that extra value in the eyes of prospects.


Double presentation value with live replays

In addition to hosting a live class, teaching personal financial planning through webinars offers the possibility of resale value. Unlike live classes, webinars can be used over and over again.

Students who missed out on the presentation can easily purchase the course or individual videos of that exact same lecture after the fact. You can also use the replay videos as promotional pieces or bait content for your social media and email newsletter strategy.


In Conclusion: Selling Your Personal Finance Knowledge

However, you choose to teach personal financial planning, keep these main points in mind:

  • Consider adding a webinar to your offers. Whether you make an entire web-based course or provide individual lectures on video, webinars increase profitability and build your brand in a number of creative ways.
  • Use a variety of tools to automate your labour. Look for features like app integrations and action triggers for things like lecture follow up emails.
  • Try reaching a wider audience through digital means. Regardless of whether you
    choose webinars, videos, or even podcasts, repurposing your course material and selling it on the internet allows more people to see and access your valuable information.
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