It can be a challenge to make a webinar interesting. You will have put a lot of time and effort into creating content, organizing slides and preparing your delivery. You may know why your audience needs to hear the presentation. However, the bigger question is, do you know how to make sure that your audience connects with the presentation? If they don’t, you are in danger of losing them.

The goal as a host of a successful educational webinar is to make it interesting. What can you do to make your educational webinar more interesting? Here are the 5 top ways.


1. Interact with your audience before the presentation

Have you ever had to sit through a lecture wondering when it was going to end? You never want your audience to experience that. You need to plan for ways to interact with your audience. You can build up interest for your webinar beforehand by sending out some educational material before the presentation. This will give your audience some time to look through the material and know what to expect. Of course, donít give away too much, just a teaser to peak their interest. Another way to prime interest is to ask them to give input into specific topics within the subject that they was to hear about, or questions they need answered and then make sure to address these within the presentation. This makes the presentation more exciting as they anticipate these answers.


2. Use Interesting visuals

This is probably the main way that you can make a webinar more interesting. If your slides are black text on a white background, then you’ve got some work to do. Make sure that you use beautiful infographics, charts, and graphs. Using Powerpoint, a feature that is part of the ClickMeeting platform allows you to create interactive, full color HD slides that will make the content much easier to comprehend. In fact, if you can think of a way to illustrate something rather than write it, then that will be much more interesting.


3. Conduct surveys, polls, and tests

These help to keep things interactive through the presentation. People love surveys, polls, and tests. They are actually the most shared type of content on Facebook! The polls don’t have to be 10-question long lists of like and dislikes. Sometimes even a series of 1-question polls throughout the presentation is enough. Tests are another way to make things more interesting. This can create some anticipation on the part of the participants because everybody will want to do well. The results could be used to add more information to your webinar.


4. Question and answer sessions

These are best interspersed throughout the presentation. Don’t just leave it all to the end. You could plan for these after every main topic as a review. Or you could ask the audience a question and have them answer it. Just remember that, in order to avoid awkward silences, it has to be a question that they definitely know the answer to. Ask rhetorical questions, as these are fantastic aids in keeping the attention of the audience, without needing participation. Just remember to leave enough time for your audience to answer, or, at least, try to answer, the questions in their head.


5. Speak well

Do you know how your voice sounds? Even the most well put-together webinar can become very uninteresting if it is delivered in a monotone. Make sure that you give attention to voice pitch, inflection, power, and pace. So raising your voice, lowering it and slowing down for main points will help them stand out. Emotional messages should be delivered accordingly. If the audience is able to grasp the main points, then the webinar will be much more interesting. It can help to do a practice session, record it and then play it back later.


It’s clear that the more you can make a webinar interactive and educational, then the more interesting it is going to be. If you put these 5 tips into practice, then you will host amazing webinars, which will not only educate but also energize and inspire your audience.

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Posted by Agnes Jozwiak

Agnes is the Brand & Communication Director at ClickMeeting.

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