Hosting an engaging webinar that effectively turns leads into sales requires more than just having a large audience. Of course, there are many ways to promote your webinar to help boost the number of attendees. However, using influential bloggers to promote your online event will give your webinar the edge over your competitors. You will also be in a much stronger position to turn the interest generated during the webinar into sales.

Bloggers are some of the best influencers to promote your webinar if you connect with relevant ones. Influential bloggers already have their own dedicated loyal followers who look to them as an authority figure.

However, because bloggers have become so effective at marketing products, it can be difficult to reach out to them and engage with them. However, when you consider the benefits of using influential bloggers, the effort is well worth it.


How can you find influential bloggers?

If you want to stand out from the crowd and be noticed by bloggers who have real influence in your industry, here are 3 quick tips to do that.

  • Use social media tools to identify influential bloggers. You can use online search tools to find influential bloggers on social media based on their authority, engagement, reach, and influence. Twitter is a good place to start.
  • Do some research on potential bloggers who could promote your webinar. Find out their interests, reviews that they do, and active blogs that they contribute to. This can help you send them a specific email with an invitation to promote your webinar.
  • Do some keyword research. Typically, the blogs that show up on the first page of Google for related keywords are likely authorities.

Although reaching out to popular influential bloggers takes time, there are many benefits to your marketing success if you do this.


The 8 Key Benefits of Using Influential Bloggers for your Webinar Promotion

There is a saying that a “problem shared, is a problem halved.” When it comes to promoting your website, you could say, “a promotion shared is a promotion doubled.” Yes, having an influential blogger help promote your website can do much for the success of your online event.

Here are the main benefits of using bloggers of influence promote your webinar.

1. Get more traffic to your webinars

One of the most obvious benefits of having influential bloggers in your field to promote your webinar is that it will create a buzz around the event. This will result in more traffic to your webinar and more signups for it.

Influential bloggers are already respected in their respective industries and they command great authority. If a blogger was to mention your webinar that would create a lot of interest among their followers and also generate more online exposure for you.

2. Expands your customer base

The blogger will be able to expand your customer base because they can reach an audience that is new to your product. Of course, it may be that some have heard of your product but haven’t yet connected with you, therefore, the fact that someone they respect and view as an authority promotes your webinar will spike their interest.

3. Boosts Your authority

Another benefit of having an influential blogger endorse your webinar is that it helps to boost your authority. More and more internet users are becoming skeptical of online advertising and claims made by online marketers. However, if a consumer comes across a promotion for your webinar that is being done by a blogger they view as an authority, they will associate your brand with authority.

5. Generate high-quality leads

When you target the right audience through the right influential bloggers, you will automatically boost your brand’s exposure. This means that the type of audience you target will be the one most relevant to your brand. The end result is an increase in sales because your leads are of a higher quality and more relevant.

6. Find new content

Collaborating with influential bloggers can also help you find new content to spice up your webinars. Bloggers will create content with your product and this gives you the chance to glean ideas to add to both your marketing strategy and your webinar content.

7. More exposure on social media

Bloggers are usually active on social media and by promoting your webinar your exposure on social media is increased tremendously. In fact, this can be more cost-effective and more successful than running an ad campaign on social media.

8. Builds trust

The fact that a respected blogger in your industry is willing to associate themselves with your marketing strategy builds trust in both their followers and your customers. This is also a way to diversify the way you promote your webinar. For example, you could link up with influencers who promote various causes that are related to your industry. You could also advertise to donate a portion of your proceeds to the cause they promote.

Using influential bloggers can be an effective and cost-efficient way to promote your webinar. You will be able to reach a wider audience and improve the content of your webinar.

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