Affiliate marketers need to find a diverse range of ways to market their products. Over the past few years, it has become increasingly difficult to market products using ‘old hat’ SEO methods, as Google’s constant updates seem to aim for affiliate sites more than any other type of websites.

Affiliate marketers all know the importance of link building, on-page optimization, and email campaigns. However, one area where affiliate marketers are sometimes hesitant to venture into is presenting webinars. This fact is really a shame because webinars offer a safe, effective, and incredibly valuable means to bring traffic and traffic that is highly targeted at that.


Why Webinars Work for Affiliate Marketers?

A webinar is basically an online presentation. It allows you to showcase your affiliate products in an interesting and engaging way. They are great ways to increase your potential client base and find new sales.

Webinars also have the advantage that you don’t have to leave your office (or even home) to host an online presentation. This means that your attendees can also watch the webinar in the comfort of their home, at work or even travelling.

Webinar technology also allows marketers to present live or recorded webinars. The advantage of live webinars is that you can engage and interact with a live audience. It gives attendees the possibility to ask questions, see live demonstrations, and take part in live polls. A recorded webinar is limited, in that it’s not possible to show live information. However, pre-recorded webinars have the advantage that they can be split up into a few courses, each course featuring a different product. Recorded webinars can also be made available offline or streaming, thus allowing potential customers to watch them anywhere.


How Can You Increase Sales with Webinars

There are a number of ways whereby you can increase sales with webinars. For example, showing an engaging video will keep more potential clients on your page, thus increasing sales potentials. When potential buyers can see you and connect with you, then it’s more likely that the visit coverts to a sale.


What are the best aspects of webinars that can be used to increase sales?

  • Registrants can ask questions during live webinars. If you have a great product, and you know how it works, then you are in the best position to sell the product to a live audience. Sometimes people are hesitant to purchase something, but when they can get their questions answered, then that can help them make a decision.
  • Conduct live polls to get instant feedback. These are great for audience interaction. It can also help you gauge your market and make adjustments.
  • Give handouts during and after the webinar. Handouts can contain additional information on the product or details of other related products. What is more, they give you the opportunity to have backlinks to your website, thus increasing the potential for future sales.
  • Follow up after the presentation. Once again, follow up information is a great way to increase sales. When a person registers for a webinar, they will do so with their email address. This can be used in email campaigns to increase sales.
  • Connect with social media. Attendees can be encouraged to share the webinar event on social media. This in itself can increase your audience, thus increasing sales.


What Marketing Niches Are Webinars Good for?

Webinars can be used for almost any type of affiliate marketing be it weight loss, electronics or even various services. The only limit is your imagination. Webinars can also be used to send traffic to your Amazon affiliate sites.

The key is to endear your audience by offering valuable information and they will be more than happy to buy products through your site, even when they know it’s an affiliate site and you are making a commission.

Imagine that you are running an affiliate site that promotes fitness products, and you create a webinar that details a 30-day healthy eating plan or even a healthy eating challenge. As you offer this useful information for free, your audience will benefit and you may become their “go to” resource for fitness, and these types of trusted relationships bring more sales than the random organic traffic drifters.

Using affiliate marketing as a sales technique will help you increase your sales to large groups of subscribers. Imagine the potential if you can get a captive audience to watch and listen to you, then at the end promote your product. It is also fairly easy to organize and host webinars.

As you can see, there is a lot of potential for affiliate marketers to increase their sales by the use of webinars.

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