Webinars are a fantastic way to build your company’s brand. In fact, they are one of the most effective ways that any company can strengthen its brand. Why? One of the main reasons is that they allow you to connect with an audience in a much more direct and personal way than blogs, white papers, articles, or sales letters.

So, just what is a webinar? A webinar is basically an online seminar. It can be in the form of a presentation, a product demonstration, training course or a discussion. It can be a live presentation and incorporate feedback from the audience, or it can be recorded. Recorded webinars could be sent as an attachment or streamed. Therefore, the opportunities to engage an audience and build a brand are endless.


What are the 10 top tips to build your company brand using the power of webinars? Here are the top 10 tips.


1. Prepare well

It takes a lot of time to deliver a great webinar. It requires careful thought as to how it will be presented; the delivery should be well rehearsed so that it looks natural and all the software in place so that things run smoothly.


2. Interact with the audience

Webinars provide a great platform to interact with your audience. Although it may seem easier to ignore this, the benefits from interaction can’t be stressed enough. Interaction can be in the form of questions and answers, polls and clickable links.


3. Share information

At the end of the webinar, allow the attendees to download something from the presentation. It could be information sheets, video clips or even a link to download the complete webinar.


4. Use social media

Advertise the webinar on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other popular social media platforms. You can encourage attendees to share the event.


5. Focus on teaching

All businesses need to earn money and have profits. However, if your webinar is too much focused on selling, your audience will not be engaged. Focus on the benefits of your product and show how to use it. This will in turn increase sales. Likely, there are also many different educational and useful topics related to your industry or niche that will be helpful to your customers. Focusing on these allows you to impress your target audience and engage them for life.


6. Offer support

After the webinar offer some support to those who attended. This can help those who attended to come back to you. It also provides the opportunity to answer any questions that went unanswered during the webinar.


7. Choose an interesting topic

This may seem logical, but it’s amazing how many people don’t think about this. Remember that keywords from the topic or theme will show up in Google results.


8. Find an expert

The webinar host probably knows the most about his product and brand than anyone else. However, if it’s possible to engage an expert then this is a great way to build the brand.


9. Use a brand watermark

Make sure that your company brand logo or name appears in an unobtrusive place on the screen. This means that any time a person watches the webinar he will know how is it from. It also protects your presentation from plagiarism.


10. Repurpose content

After the webinar, it’s important to repurpose the content. For example, an hour-long presentation could be broken up into segments. These become strong markers for your brand. After the event spend time editing and creating as much content as you can. Upload it to YouTube. If you can break a 45-minute presentation into 5-minute segments, you will have 9 videos on YouTube. That is 9 more possibilities for people to find your brand. It’s also more likely that people finding your brand for the first time will watch through a 5-minute video than an hour-long presentation. Slides and text can be repurposed into PDFs or incorporated into eBooks.

Webinars are a great way to strengthen your brand and online presence. Use them effectively and you will see your audience grow and in turn see an increase in sales. Moreover, you get the added and really invaluable benefit of engaging life-long customers and building solid trusting relationships when you provide value to your customer base that they cannot find anywhere else.

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Posted by Agnes Jozwiak

Agnes is the Brand & Communication Director at ClickMeeting.

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