The key to a successful webinar is creating one that contains value for your attendees. However, before people attend your webinar, you need to create an air of excitement and expectation about it.

Creating an air of excitement about your event can do much to boost the amount of people who attend. It also means that the more that people are excited about attending it, then the more willing they will be to take part in it.

What can you do to create excitement about your upcoming webinar?


Here are top 10 ways to excite your audience about your webinar:


1. Pick an Engaging Topic

The topic that you choose for your webinar will often affect how excited people are to attend.

So, what makes a great topic? Ask yourself these questions:

  • Does the topic intrigue?
  • Am I promising to let them into trade secrets?
  • Do I promise to tell them something new?

It is also important that your topic is broad enough to appeal to a wide audience but specific enough to be interesting.

To do this, you could choose a wide topic to appeal to many people in the industry but focus on one or two specific aspects on how you can address the issue. You also should do some keyword research so that you increase the chance of your webinar being picked up in the search engines.


2. Promise Something Special

You can create excitement for your upcoming webinar if you offer something special to your attendees. You could offer to give away something of value, like a free gift, money-off coupons, or some other promotional item from your company.

You can also run a competition beforehand, asking registrants to tweet something original about the webinar and then you pick the winner during the webinar.


3. Create an Exciting Landing Page

Your landing page can set the tone of the webinar. It should be clear and informative without being too wordy.

On the landing page you should state the following:

  • Who is presenting the webinar and why they are presenting it.
  • What topics will be discussed and how the attendees will benefit.
  • When it will take place.
  • Where it will be held and how early before the start can someone attend.
  • Why you are holding the webinar.

If your information is clear and informative, you will help to create some excitement about your webinar.


4. Send a Thank You Confirmation

Once a person has registered, you should send them a confirmation with a note of thank you. You can also leverage this email to add a bit more of value for the webinar. For example, you could let them know a bit more about it or you could send links to a video of a previous webinar.

Remember to add a link so that they can automatically add the event to their calendar.


5. Reminder Emails

You can build on the thank-you email by sending out reminder emails before the event. You should also remember to add something of unique value to each email. So, you could send an eBook, a link to a video or relevant blog post. Try to make do something that they only receive because they registered for the webinar.

When should you remind registrants about the webinar? Send reminders one week beforehand, one day beforehand, and then one hour beforehand.

Be sure to include the key topics of your webinars in the reminder emails, this helps build anticipation and excitement and allows people to begin to look forward to your topic.


6. Use Social Media

Social media is a great way to generate excitement about your webinar and also make sure that more people attend. If you can create a buzz on social media, then the excitement will continue to grow organically. To do this, remember to create a unique hashtag for your event and use this every time you post an update.


7. Use Guest Speakers

If you can, have a guest speaker at your webinar and preferably one who is well known in the industry. This can generate much excitement for your webinar. Your guest speak can also promote the event and this way you can reach an even wider audience.


8. Use Paid Ads

Although you will want to market your webinar organically, using paid ads is also a great way to generate excitement for your webinar. If you have done your keyword research properly, it can boost attendance figures and generate more interest if, in the search results both organic and paid results for the webinar show up.


9. Blog

You should use your own blog to create some excitement beforehand about your webinar.

You can write blog posts about the various topics you will discuss and the angles that you will approach them from. Of course, you are not going to give too much away, but just enough to build excitement.


10. Use Your Homepage

Probably, your homepage is the page that most visitors come to first of all. Use your homepage to promote your webinar, making sure that there is a call to action for people who haven’t registered yet. You could also have a countdown timer to show days and hours until the event.

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