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5 Ways To Make Your Brand Shine During Your Webinar

Hosting regular webinars to educate your audience promote new products, or engage with your clients are some of best ways to build your brand. However, to make sure that the webinar really strengthens your brand, you must make your brand shine during your webinar.

The importance of making sure that your brand shines during your webinar is similar to putting a spotlight on an important sign. Of course, a highlighted sign is still visible to most people, however, the extra lighting draws more attention to it, and more people will remember it.

The same is true when your brand stands out during your webinar. Your audience will, of course, get value from the webinar content, but their perception of your brand and what your company stands for will be greatly enhanced.


What can you do to make your brand shine during your webinar?

In this article, you will find the top 5 ways to really make your brand stand out during your virtual presentation.

Before we look at ways to promote your brand in a webinar presentation, it’s important to remember that branding your presentation doesn’t just mean having your company’s logo displayed as a watermark.

Branding your webinar involves promoting your brand through the content you provide, the way you talk as an authority, and the handouts you provide. Here are the best ways to highlight your brand during your webinar presentation.


1. Brand your Webinar

The first way to make your brand shine during your webinar is to ensure that all your company branding is clearly visible throughout the webinar. This means that right from the registration page you should have your logo, company colors, and message clearly displayed. It should also be consistent with the rest of your website.

During your webinar presentation, you should make sure that your company logo frequently features during your presentation. This can be done as a screen watermark or having your logo on visuals.

Another way to subtlety highlight your brand is to use your company’s colors on the slides, visuals, and text that you use. This can give a uniform feel to your webinar presentation and will help to strengthen your brand.


2. Give Away Free Handouts

Free handouts that are given out during your presentation are another way that you can make your brand shine. These handouts can be in the form of PDFs, videos, Word documents, and visuals. In fact, you don’t have to wait until your webinar presentation.

Why not make some of them available beforehand so that your audience can get a taste of what is to come.

Of course, your branding needs to feature heavily on the handouts. The goal is to make sure that there is no difference visually between your web page, webinar, and handouts.


3. Content

Apart from having a consistent image throughout your webinar, it is also important to present your content in a way that makes your brand stand out. How can you do this?
When presenting content to your webinar audience, you should always focus on how your product or service differs from your competition. Therefore, you should be well aware of all your strong points and use these to highlight weaknesses in your competitor’s products.

Of course, this does not mean criticizing your competition. It means demonstrating why and how your product is different, better and the benefit your audience will get from using it.

You can also use testimonials as part of your content to strengthen your brand. Testimonials not only add weight to your message but also can influence other people to buy into your brand.


4. Be an Authority

One of the best ways to make your brand shine during your presentation is paying attention to how you present your content. Speaking with authority on a subject lets you shine during your presentation. Remember, that the most effective webinars are not the ones that promote products or services. Usually, the best webinars are ones that educate your audience. This creates value for your audience and strengthens your brand even more.


5. Webinar Follow-up

Making your brand shine in a webinar presentation doesn’t just happen during the actual presentation. It’s important to always follow up your webinar. A webinar follow-up gives you another chance to connect with your audience and provide them with valuable content.

For example, as a bonus for attending, you could offer exclusive access to areas of your website. Alternatively, you could provide a link to download the webinar, or you could provide a handout of the presentation. These are all ways to make sure that your brand shines before, during, and after your webinar.

Even though you are not marketing a new or unique product, the fact that you make your brand stands out during your presentation will help to strengthen your brand in your industry or niche.

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