The Product Demo: A Winner With Customers In Making A Buying Decision


When it comes to marketing, earning the trust of and being of value to perspective customers should always be the end goal. The reasons for this are varied, but one of the most important is that today’s customer has a wide variety of choices in brands they can purchase from, as well as a multitude of sources that influence their decision making process and the brand that can connect with their customer in a profound way will typically be rewarded.

TrustRadius recently conducted a landmark study known as the B2B Buying Disconnect, that evaluated opportunities, gaps and changing undercurrents between buyers and sellers of technology, and the results were quite interesting to say the least.


Most Important Resources For Making A Buying Decision

The study found that buyers preferred resources that provided them with genuine insights into the product that were helpful and built trustworthiness into the product in question.

Today’s buyer has a multitude of information sources at their disposal when making a buying decision, as those cited by the TrustRadius’ study:

  • Free trials
  • Product demos
  • Referrals from trusted sources such as friends or colleagues
  • User reviews
  • Vendor presentations
  • Product websites
  • And several others


The B2B Buying Disconnect study found buyers citing the product demo as one of the key information sources they rely on when making a purchasing decision, as the product demo was rated at the top in all 3 aspects of the buying process.

  • Information Sources Used By Buyers
  • The product demo was #1 on the list
  • Helpfulness of Information Sources
  • The product demo was #2 on the list, second only to a free trial.
  • Trustworthiness of Information Sources
  • The product demo was #3 on the list, third only to a free trial and referral from a friend or colleague.


The study clearly illustrates that buyers want hands-on experience with a product before they buy. Product demos were cited by study participants as being most helpful, and providing the most trustworthy information that offered a realistic view into how the product actually works, and of course a real time view of how it may be of value to them.

This, of course, makes total sense, as a product demonstration offers potential buyers the most direct experience with a new product allowing them to evaluate its usefulness and relevance for their own needs.

One study participant reflected, ‘The vendor *really* caught my attention with a couple of well-thought-out demonstration steps. I could immediately see how the product would be easier to use than all of its competitors.’


Product Demos And Webinars

Webinars can be used in many ways to connect with customers, and product demos are one of the most important and efficient ways to use virtual presentations to not only increase conversion rates, but develop trust in the product being promoted and the brand promoting it.

There really is no better way to provide an audience with a product demonstration and in real time!

  • The value of the webinar setting offers the opportunity to show how a product works in real time, with helpful tools that include screen sharing, and whiteboard.
  • Furthermore, the webinar allows you to present the product in various ways, in order to target specific chunks of audiences. This allows you to personalize demonstrations for specific uses or situations, something that the B2B Buying Disconnect study participants noted they especially liked.
  • Since a webinar can take place live, and allows for the audience to participate, a Q & A module can be used in a variety of ways, to further build trust, provide useful information and allow perspective buyers to really get to know the product via specific questions and answers to learn how valuable it can be for them.
  • Webinars also allow for highly personal interaction with potential customers. This allows you to go beyond just the typical product demonstration where you can connect with customers, and allow them to connect with a live person, all of which builds brand and relationships that can last a lifetime.
  • The ability to record webinars is another added benefit as you can repurpose these archives in a variety of ways, especially to entice and engage new leads and perceptive customers far into the future.


Some important considerations to keep in mind when creating your next product demo is to avoid sounding overly biased, rehearsed or providing very general information about the product, as these were cited as questionable by study participants.

Using a webinar platform to create your product demo offers you unparalleled flexibility and the unique personalized perspective your customers crave, get started today!

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