Article Marketing Versus Webinar Marketing

2016.01.22 - Article Marketing Versus Webinar Marketing 3

There are many tools available to marketers and businesses who want to increase their online presence, customer reach and brand recognition. The question always comes up which is the best tool to use for the best results?

It is obvious to everyone that the Internet has changed marketing forever. We continue to see new trends emerging which challenge previous marketing techniques.

Article marketing used to be hailed as the most effective way to make money online. However, with the popularity of videos, and with spammers gaming the article marketing system to get links to manipulate search engine rankings and webinar marketing seeing immense growth over the last few years, many are beginning to question if article marketing still has a place.


So which is best, article marketing, or webinar marketing?


What is Article Marketing?

Article marketing is content which has been written and then posted on article directories. These articles are typically on topics related to the marketerís niche or industry.

Articles written for marketing purposes are used to build inbound links, improve search results, or increase awareness. They are also essential content on a company’s website. This can make the website more relevant in the specific niche.


What is Webinar Marketing?

A webinar is an online seminar, class, or meeting. Participants can also take part in live webinars. The content provided is usually in the form of training, demonstrations, various visual elements, and discussions. They do not require many resources to host because participants do not have to travel attend. Webinars can also be recorded for later use.


Article Marketing vs Webinar Marketing

From a marketer’s point of view – which is better, webinar marketing, or article marketing? Here we look at the pros and cons of both tools.


Webinar marketing

One of the main advantages of webinar marketing is the ability to interact with the audience. This is something that article marketing cannot do. The presenter is able to connect directly with his audience. He can ask live questions, post an online survey, or poll. This connection is an important step in establishing authority and building relationships. In that way, article marketing is very limited, as it cannot engage audiences in these ways.

In terms of visual impact, webinars are far superior to article marketing. People are more drawn to video content than to the written page. The Internet has become the dominant force in marketing and short video clips have become one of the most effective marketing tools. This has been enhanced by social media, where it is very easy to share content.

There is also the cost involved. Hosting webinars is a very cost-effective marketing tool. Anyone, anywhere in the world can attend a webinar. All they need is a computer and an Internet connection. It is also possible to present the webinar from anywhere and still reach a global audience.

Webinars can be used for group or personal training. While written instructions and content is always, essential, specific and personal training is an advantage. Webinars allow for participants to ask questions, present problems or make suggestions.


Article Marketing

Article marketing still has a place in the marketer’s toolbox. Content marketing became an essential tool when SEO became very popular. Marketers soon found that articles provided a way to generate specific content. They researched that with the right amount of keywords, specific anchor text, and backlinks they could boost their marketing success. Many marketers saw their search engine-ranking jump.

Articles are still a very important aspect of any website. For example, a website could be a masterpiece – full of beautiful infographics and many videos. However, if there is no written content Google and Bing cannot index the site properly to relate it to its targeted keywords or content.

Unfortunately, over time, many websites started posting spammy articles and this has devalued the influence of article marketing.

Articles, however, continue to reach audiences that webinars cannot reach. Not everyone wants to take part in an interactive webinar. Many people still like to read content and are prepared to share this if it is of value to others.
For articles to continue to be important marketing tools, they should be written in a way that allows for easy reading. This means using short paragraphs, bulleted points, numbered lists and bold text.



It is clear that both article marketing and webinar marketing are still essential marketing tools. Articles provide great content, which can be engaging and informative to their audience.
However, webinars are more interactive and engaging. With video marketing gaining more and more dominance, the effectiveness of webinars will only continue to grow.
To get the best results, it is advised that both article marketing and webinars be used to attain the highest probability of success and to access the unique benefits of each marketing method. And, to not put your eggs into one basket is always the safest and smartest choice.

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