What Is A Webinar And Why Does My Business Need One?

Over the past decade there has been a sizeable shift in how business is conducted and how commerce moves forward, all thanks to the internet. Business owners can run their companies from anywhere in the world, and consumers can research and purchase most anything they can imagine.

The way companies share information internally, and how businesses market to the growing masses waiting online, poised to buy, has also evolved. The new evolution of business meetings, live seminars, and in-person sales pitches are now all possible through the webinar.


What Is A Webinar?

A webinar is a live or recorded meeting, presentation, or instructional seminar that is hosted and delivered online. During a webinar, participants are engaged in the conversation through dynamic content, and can ask questions afterward to learn more about the topic being presented as well. Webinars are delivered with the use of a webinar presentation service, like ClickWebinar that provides an interface, registration system and various presentation tools like branding, charts, desktop sharing, recording features and much more.

Webinars are very popular for marketing promotions, demonstrations, and training purposes.


Why Does My Business Need One?

If you are wondering if doing webinars will benefit your business, then you probably already know the answer…an emphatic yes! If want to build or grow your business online, doing webinars is an effective, affordable, engaging way to accomplish this goal rather quickly.
Here are some of the best ways doing webinars can help your business grow to the next level online.


Emphasize Your Expertise

Doing a webinar is a great way to share your experience and expertise in an affordable and meaningful way. Using this method, you can create and share presentations with large audiences with ease. You are also enable you to share your own screen with the participants to do demonstrations, show examples, and make the experience more interesting and interactive. Having all these tools available combined with the ability to deliver on a large scale make webinars an excellent way to showcase your expertise for potential customers or clients.


Build Your Brand

Because you can customize the templates, design the presentations, and personalize the information and supplemental materials you use during a webinar, it makes it a great way to establish and build recognition for your brand.

Incorporating your logo, color schemes, and messaging into your webinar, and the promotions you do to attract participants will help cement your business into the minds of those online who are looking for what you provide.


Teach Or Inspire

When it comes to convincing consumers, one of the best tactics that webinars facilitate is the ability to show, and not just tell. Webinars make it possible to do both, but really shine in the showing aspect so impactful in online marketing. You can easily tell consumers what you offer, and why they need your products or services, but if you can show them exactly what you do or sell then they can see for themselves very clearly why they must have it in their lives.
Using webinars, you can really emphasize the value of your business by showing it live. This coupled with questions at the end will help you handle most any objections that may be in the customer’s mind, and have them excited to buy and begin using your company’s services or products.


Generate New Business

Webinars are a marketing power house when it comes to generating new leads and business. Using them will help you gain more leads, more quickly than many other lead acquisition methods such as advertising or email promotions. This is because webinars give something first. People typically attend them in order to learn more about something that interests them, and will more readily sign up or opt in in exchange for that opportunity.

By doing compelling and attractive webinars, you can attract new business, and then prime those prospects with educational or interesting information. And by giving first through sharing your knowledge and expertise, you’ll establish more trust and clout and be able to make a recommendation for your offerings in a very natural manner at the end of the webinar.


Position Your Business For Growth

Webinars don’t have to be customer-facing in order to elevate your company. You can use them to communicate with your own teams in an effective, informative, and entertaining manner. In this way, you can teach teams with training, or inspire your partners and employees with a live presentation given via webinar.

Using webinars is a great way to help your business build up from wherever you are right now. These live, online events can help you meet marketing, training, and overall business goals in an engaging, cost effective manner. It’s well worth it to explore how webinars can take your business to the next level.

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